• I would have lost for intentionally inciting riots and inviting hostile alien invasions

  • That’s probably more experience and qualification than the average mayoral candidate has.

  • But how were they at reticulating splines?

  • The guy who won went on to become the president [and then died in that huge airplane crash in Smolensk in 2010](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2010_Polish_Air_Force_Tu-154_crash?wprov=sfla1)

    (As /u/newbrutus pointed out the OP referenced a link that cited the (original?) Reddit post on the subject, where I got that from)

  • I am expert at Civilization. Hence, you should elect me as President for life.

  • … Did you just repost by linking to a webpage talking about the original post?

  • obligatory


  • Damn too bad EA fucked over the franchise.

  • I’d at least like to see some ISideWith results or something.

  • So that’s why daddy died.

  • This is great

    But is a mayor’s job so much about urban planning?

  • Overqualified at this point.

    But the real question is were they playing with disasters disabled or not?

  • A real testament to great leadership skills.

  • It should be done this way for every city

  • That is amazing.

  • Build a library or museum and put a ring of parks around it, ez game.

  • HEY! Thats a trick from Mr. PeanutButter’s book

  • Is it me or does he look like a demon in this thumbnail?

  • Marbozir for Mayor

  • I would have kicked Castro’s ass at Tropico.

  • That’s rediculous, cities skylines is where it’s at.

  • More evidence that we have been headed straight to Idiocracy for a while.

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