TIL that human fingers don’t contain muscles. The muscles that move them are in the palm and forearm

TIL that human fingers don’t contain muscles. The muscles that move them are in the palm and forearm

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  • Your fingers are just string puppets your mind controls.


  • I’ve been doing all these goddamn finger curls *for nothing?*

  • [removed]

  • If you think that’s interesting, did you know chickens don’t even have fingers, and chicken fingers are just a name given to chicken tenders?

    Follow-up fact: chickens don’t have tenders either. It’s just another name for chicken strips.

    Trust me, you don’t wanna see how far the rabbit hole goes on this one.

  • Not entirely true. Most flexors/extensor muscles are in the forearm but you do have [lumbricals] (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lumbricals_of_the_hand) and [interossei] (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interossei) muscles located in your fingers.

  • [A look at how the hand works](https://i.redd.it/dpphbt2am32z.gif) (note: not for the squeamish)

  • What’s the meaty part of the fingers then? Is it all fat?

  • The muscles that move mine are in my elbow and shoulder!

  • No wonder why there’s never any good meat in them, I thought I just didn’t know what I was doing

  • I learned that from watching “Empire strikes back”

  • TIL really goes down hill when school lets out…

  • Yes, and brown cows don’t make chocolate milk.

  • TIL OP slept during Anatomy class.

  • Similarly the muscles that move your forearm are your biceps and triceps, the muscles that move your upper arm are in your shoulder chest and back, etc. same for legs.

  • Woah woah woah. Hold on. I am assuming you yourself are human and that you own one of these human arms. You never noticed something moving inside your forearm whenever you moved your fingers?

    In case you are not human and/or don’t have arms, I am very sorry.

  • Not true. The following are all intrinsice muscles of the hand:
    Abductor pollicis brevis; Flexor pollicis brevis; Opponens pollicis; Adductor pollicis; Abductor digiti minimi
    Flexor digiti minimi; Opponens digiti minimi; Interosseous muscles – 4 dorsal & 3 palmar and Lumbricals.

  • This isn’t 100% true – there are several intrinsic hand muscles that control your thumb (that’s what that bundle of muscle is on your palm right under your thumb), pinky, and some finger movements

  • Well yeah have you ever squeezed your fingers before? Does it feel like there are any muscles in there? lol

  • I learned about this in star wars when I was 6. I noticed that Luke’s prosthetic hand worked in a way that felt similarly to my hands. I was like “oh that’s neat” and moved on.

  • If you are amazed by this, youll be amazed to learn something about the horse:

    They are also mammals and thus have almost all the same bones as we do!

    Below what you would call their “Knee” is actually all the same bones as in our hand! They only have one “digit” (finger) and the hoof is pretty much a really tough fingernail! from the Knee down, they also have no muscles!!!!!

  • For a tangentially related anatomy quirk, bend any finger 90 degrees at the first knuckle, use your other hand to move the end of your finger up and down, and you should find that you have completely lost control of your fingertip.

  • Quick question; when I race my mountain bike on a longer descent (4> minutes) my hands begin to cramp and I feel it in my knuckles. Is that pain actually in my knuckles or is it my body misinterpreting what’s happening?

  • Kinda scraping the barrel here for the TIL posts?

    This is middle school basic biology class stuff.

  • Well yeah, you can’t flex them like your bicep.

  • Did you not attend high school?

  • So what is the mass in my fingers for? Muscle that’s never used? It’s definitely not fat. I have none.

  • …which is why carpal tunnel syndrome and related repetitive motion injuries are so common and so crippling.

  • *wiggles fingers*

  • TIL people don’t take biology class in high school.

  • There is a noticeable difference between a labor man’s hands and an office worker’s hands….if it’s not muscle, what is contributing to a laborer’s hands being meatier?

  • You never noticed your forearm muscles going crazy when you drum your fingers?

  • After my first year of med school I realized people don’t know the back of their hand as well as they think they do

  • Then how does farmers fingers get so thick due to all that manual labor? If there is not muscles in the fingers

  • This is going to sound pretentious, so sorry, but I didn’t realize this wasn’t common knowledge. For instance, when your grip is failing from lifting something heavy, your fingers aren’t burning, your hand and your forearms are. Just make a fist and relax it and look at your forearm.

  • There is muscle in your fingers. Itty bitty muscles for each hair

  • You learn that pretty quick playing guitar

  • TIL some people don’t know how hands work

  • Interesting. That explains why those hand squeeze things build fore arms

  • This post got removed but still showing on the TIL hot post. lol

  • You have never noticed your forearm muscles move when you move your fingers?

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