• TIL About the Uterine Mantle Theory. Basically the same idea, only instead of a brain it’s a females uterus God is inside.

  • If this had been Da Vinci I would have been more inclined to take this seriously. He had an interest in the brain and was known to introduce hidden or symbolic elements in his work.

    However there is nothing in Michelangelo’s life that suggests an interest in anatomy at this level. Like the great sculptor he was, he would have an interest in muscles and bone, but the organs of the body do not figure in any of his other works. Similarly he was not known for subtle or hidden symbolism.

    I think this is just s special kind of pareidolia.

  • I actually learned this tidbit of information from my grad school professor and decided to google it. I found this very well photoshopped image (https://i.ytimg.com/vi/s4w1d9SbCjw/maxresdefault.jpg) and it’s creator in the youtube video.

    edit: not a proven connection, but is a theory

  • r/westworld

  • Welp, that was a video that should have been a picture.

  • This is not a historical perspective. It’s literally art interpretation by a few gynecologists maybe twenty years ago. They don’t even agree.


    Others suggest (with about the same level of evidence) that it was a uterus in disguise, not a brain. That would also “make sense”.

    The best way to say this is “to a hammer, everything looks like a nail”. Humans are really good at pattern recognition, so much so that we often see patterns where none exist. Constellations are another great example.

    This is just finding constellations in paintings rather than the stars. No serious art historian has found any direct evidence that the intended image was anything but God and a bunch of angels.

    Is it possible? Sure.

    But that doesn’t mean anyone can prove it today. Ask yourself why, in the hundreds of years since, only twenty years ago did anyone “find a brain” in the painting. It’s not much different from seeing [these](http://files.abovetopsecret.com/files/img/ns4fd76a8e.jpg) as “alien UFOs”. That’s just the context we perceive them now, today, far removed from the context of the day they were painted. Showing a person piloting the sun and moon or otherwise showing those celestial bodies as vehicles was very common in many paintings.

  • BTW anyone except me wondering why Michelangelo painted Adam with navel?

  • Yeah don’t think so.

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