TIL That for over 1,000 years a horn has been blown in Ripon every night at 9pm in the four...

TIL That for over 1,000 years a horn has been blown in Ripon every night at 9pm in the four corners of the town square. It is allegedly the longest running unbroken daily ritual in the world.

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  • Some fun tidbits. Not long after the first hornblowers started the watch, the town got warning of a viking army headed our way. The town elders got together and did the smart thing, paid the army off to go sack somebody else. It worked.

    Also, part of the hornblower’s job is to find the mayor and tell him the watch is set. I’ve several times seen the hornblower come to various pubs to find the mayor, and heard a local legend that hornblowers in the past have located the mayor at … not his own house. But a job’s a job, so they made their announcement outside and left.

    On top of the obelisk (which is pretty tall) is a golden horn, not unlike the one the hornblower blows. Legend has it that there’re gold coins inside, and every so often somebody tries to climb up to get them. There’s noting in there – they take the horn down every couple of decades for a cleaning, if there were coins they’re long gone.

    And sorry Mr. Pickles, but the last hornblower told me (and everyone) that the hornblowers have missed like thirty-something days for various reasons, still quite the record considering this really has been going on for a millennia.

  • There must be a certain percentage of folks there that love this tradition and find it comforting, and also a certain percentage of folks that are slowly going mad…

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  • WOO! I live near there! I have yet to actually see it in action, but I do know that [they’re currently looking for a new person to do this](http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-york-north-yorkshire-40428027).

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  • Once a day? pfffff!! There is a tradition of a bugle played in the central Square of Krakow, Poland. It is played every hour:


    It started ~13th century or thereabouts.

  • I was born and raised in Ripon. Am a native. WOOO!

    The hornblower tradition is awesome to see, and quite spooky actually – definitely awesome to be a part of.

    Legend has it that if the hornblower or watchman does not blow their horn on time / misses one, the ghost of Hugh Ripley – Ripon’s first mayor, will appear at the window of his old house until it’s done.
    The first mayor died in 1604.

    Ripon is recorded all the way back to something like 715AD, and was Anglo-Saxon tribal in origin. In the Domesday book (1089AD) it was called Ripun.

    There’s so much history around Ripon it’s mental. Just a shame it can be a bit boring when you’re growing up….

    Source – I lived there and around there until I was 19.

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  • Mecca was built about 2000 BC and people still pray to it every day.

  • Ya well, my girlfriend telling me she’s to tired for sex is the second longest daily ritual in the world

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  • Pretty sure taking a shit has been a ritual for longer.

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  • I’m starting to think NZ is the second longest daily ritual in the past have located the mayor and tell him the watch is set.

  • Vancouver [uses a cannon](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/9_O%27Clock_Gun) for our 9 o’clock heads up.

  • Can you imagine the animals surrounding this area that have evolved to recognize this horn? I wonder if there’s a breed of racoon that falls into a stupor when they hear the horn.

  • This is really awesome, but the claim in the title likely depends on a particular interpretation of “daily ritual.” I’m guessing there are a lot of other things most people would agree are “daily rituals” that have been running this long or longer.

  • I have visited Ripon and seen the ceremony. I was struck that as Vancouver was founded in 1886 that this ceremony had been going for 1,000 years before my home city was even started.

  • I think you have never heard of the Azan to claim that’s the longest unbroken daily ritual.

  • “TIL That for over 1,000 years a horn has been blown in Ripon every night at 9pm in the four corners of the town square. It is allegedly the longest running unbroken daily ritual in the world.”
    Non-religiously inspired ritual, maybe…

  • some hornblowers just want to see the world dance

  • I thought for a moment “wait.. Ripon, CA? I call bullshit!”

  • Is ‘9pm’ a concept that has been around for 1000 years? (for example, this village probably had its own local time before it was standardised by the railway network.)

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  • False. Catholic Mass happens everyday unbroken since 33. Carthusian monks have sung the Liturgy of the Hours (7 times every day) unbroken for 1100 years.

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