TIL that China experienced an episode of mango hysteria in 1968. Upon receiving them as diplomatic gifts, Mao had them...

TIL that China experienced an episode of mango hysteria in 1968. Upon receiving them as diplomatic gifts, Mao had them distributed across the country where songs, poems, rallies and altars were built in the mangoes’ honor. A dentist was even executed for comparing a mango to a sweet potato.

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  • i hate to say it, but chinese seem to be real hype beasts.

  • I hyphenated my name when married in Taiwan. It was Mann-Guo. I got lots of mango gifts. One of them was a children’s book about this very thing. It was hilarious.

  • “Hey, these mangoes are basically sweet potatoes”

    “How dare you!? Kill him!”

  • We were doing fine until the last sentence of the title, just wow.

  • That’s fair. The dentist was obviously delusional.

  • I was on a hike once in a Caribbean rainforest and we came across a giant rock that was covered in mango skins and pits. Apparently the local monkeys like to sit on the rock and eat the mangoes from a nearby tree. It’s not just humans who think they are delicious.

    I know that’s only tangentially related, but it’s still a fond memory.

  • There’s a reason why people say apples to oranges. If this dentist had a better imagination he might have survived

  • Whoever cut that mango in the picture doesn’t know how to cut mangos.

  • Can’t even tell you how sad it makes me to think of a man being murdered simply because he compared a mango to a sweet potato.

  • I remember the first time I tried Mango. I hadn’t till one of my first years at college. I live in North Dakota so we don’t tend to get to many fresh fruits. Just the usual apples, and stuff that are drove here by trucks from down south.

    The mango I had though was frozen in a package and in cubes. Still great though. I was amazed and so I wanted to get some more. I went to the local store to get some and found only green ones. The tags also said they were mainly for cooking. I took it home expecting it to ripen.. after a week or two it seemed like it wasn’t gonna get any better and tried it. Not good at all. :S

    So it’s kinda annoying living here when we don’t have very good selection to fruits unlike other places down south. That is unless I were to pay through the nose at times.

  • I think I just came up with my next D&D character.

  • That escalated quickly

  • Can’t blame them, Pakistani mangoes are the best in the world, without a doubt. If there’s anyone who hasn’t tried chaunsa mangoes yet, then you should, cos you haven’t tasted a mango until you’ve had one of those.

  • The Cultural Revolution was fucking insane.

  • I love mangoes and fish sauce.

  • TIL Mao and I had something in common: our love of mangoes

  • “Dude, how crazy was that mango party?”
    “We killed a dentist, like fuckin’ killed him over some potatoes or something”
    “Crazy man.”

  • In their defense, mangos are really fucking tasty.

  • And this, kids, is why freedom of speech is important, even for mango haters.

  • They are sort of doing that right now with orange juice.

  • “well I mean they’re both orange”
    “are you fucking serious? treason! treason here!”

  • Mao likes mangoes, can speak Mandarin, loves china = Icefrog confirmed.

  • Fruit is damn good.

  • People underestimate mangos, until they’re eating one. But not too long after they’re back to mangos are alright.

  • Mao was a psychopath who surrounded himself with yes-men and superstitious quacks pushing junk science. Imagine something like Donald Trump’s bizarre “the body is like a battery so I don’t exercise” sort of thinking, except now this must be taught as a fact in schools, all textbooks must be altered so that they agree, and anyone who says otherwise is fired and sent to a remote part of the country to do backbreaking work *if they’re lucky,* all because the president said so. That was China in the 50s and 60s. Chaos.

  • Communism FTW!

  • China is the real Mango Nation.

  • This is really interesting.

    Thanks OP

  • I saw mangoes, 1960’s and knew it had to be a gift from a Pakistani diplomat 🙂

  • I got a photo of a tribute to Mao’s mangoes when I was in China.

    [Tribute to Mao’s mangoes ](https://m.imgur.com/gallery/Py5ddWc)

  • Communism isn’t to blame for this, because the leaders of the Communist party had more than a few screws loose.

    Oh, and because it didn’t work, they weren’t real Communists. And the millions murdered by Communists under Communist regimes don’t count, because they didn’t achieve Communism™

  • This seems a little overboard, but I can see why!

  • There was a similar corn craze in USSR after Khrushchev visited USA. Not on this scale though

  • Yea no this doesn’t belong on the crazy train at all…..

  • Jees imagine being the guy that went down in history for being killed because he dissed a mango.

  • What about Animus?

  • Is this where the basis for the Seinfeld joke about Oranges being rare in Japan?

  • What a cute story except for that last part.

  • The part about the execution was my favorite part of the book.

  • Just a reminder that Europe went crazzy about pineapples. We still have the stylised domes to prove it.

  • Because who doesn’t love Mango?


  • He didn’t distribute them across the country, he didn’t like fruit so he gave it to the workers who just stopped university students from hurling acid and spears at eachother and the workers thought it was *suuuper* special.
    >Pro-Mao student groups dubbed “Red Guards” — who were egged on by Mao himself — became impassioned to the point of competitiveness. Different Red Guard factions clashed to prove their devotion to the Great Leader and, in 1968, their ferocity boiled over at Qinghua University. According to CW, “two oppositional cadres, the Jinggangshan Corps and the Fours, engaged in what became known as the Hundred Day War, hurling stones, spears, and sulfuric acid at each other in a bitter struggle to prove their obsequiousness to Mao.”

    > Mao did what anyone else would do in that situation: he re-gifted the mangoes. Mao sent the box of fruit, along with a letter of thanks, to the Beijing factory workers who were still stationed at Qinghua University.

    Misleading title

  • Goes to show you how easily humans are manipulated and how fast shit can get out of hand.

  • I mean, they’re an ok fruit…

  • oh communism, u so grazy

  • We got any current HSC students ITT? This post triggers my PTSD

  • /r/latvianjokes

  • Typical Reddit user:
    >Complains about fake news
    >Believes in this no questions asked

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