TIL that Canada had a multi-million dollar maple syrup heist 5 years ago, and have a maple syrup “cartel”

TIL that Canada had a multi-million dollar maple syrup heist 5 years ago, and have a maple syrup “cartel”

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  • Canada man.. where drug cartels are consideres too rude.

  • *walks into snow covered alley way*

    “So you got the goods, eh?”

    *hands over Maple Syrup*

  • *In 2011 the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers rented a warehouse on property owned by Avik Caron’s wife. The Federation planned to store some of their haul for the year in the warehouse. Caron had other plans, though: He saw that delicious syrup as liquid gold. So he decided to steal it. Caron looked for a black market buyer to whom he could sell the syrup for a cash profit. Using a tractor trailer, he moved barrels of syrup from the warehouse to a shack where they were emptied and then re-filled with water.*

    *His plan worked for about a year, and before he was found out, Caron managed to empty 9,571 barrels – that’s 3,000 tonnes of maple syrup, worth (CAD) $18.7 million dollars, making it the most expensive crime ever investigated by the Quebec police force.*


  • Technically the Maple Syrup Strategic Reserve…

  • You think the theives had… sticky fingers?

  • Who committed the heist? Trevor Phillips?

  • There an excellent SModcast production of the story. Director Kevin Smith and producer/buddy Scott Mosier have a fun time dissecting the Maple ~~Leaf~~ Syrup Gang, and bringing ~~Mounty~~ *Sûreté du Québec*’s ‘Guy LaPointe’ (played by Johnny Depp in two of Kevin’s movies) into the limelight.


  • We also have had two massive cheese heists, the most recent one being in 2015

  • Maple syrup is rediculously expensive so I’m not really surprised.

  • They got caught. Never mess with the cartel. Extra “sorry”s were handed out that day.

  • Pretty much any valuable commodity will have a cartel, either through lack of government protections (e.g., the drug production trade violently eliminating competition), or overzealous government protections (e.g., police violently eliminating drug consumers). All that varies is how powerful they are.

  • *Because of course they do.*

  • Its a real drip scheme.

  • Does maple syrup get Canadians high? Can they turn it into booze or mead or something?

    I feel like I am missing the driving force behind syrup being profitable in an underground.

  • My Canadian friend once told me the maple syrup cartels meet at his local Tim Hortons every day.

  • Wild guess, does Canada have very strict maple syrup regulations?

  • This happened with parm cheese in italy too.

  • Then there was a crackdown and a self-declared war on maple syrup theives

  • You think that’s bad? I spent years of my life under cover in the cheese curds and *pommes frites* cartels.

  • Canadian here. good maple syrup costs anywhere between $10-15 and you don’t get that much.

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