• Well, evolution and natural selection don’t really have a “reason” component. Maybe it granted an advantage sometime in the past, but it’s even more likely that the substance their carapaces are made from was selected for, and the glow is just a side-effect.

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  • Can’t some animals like hawks and so forth see ultra violet. Could it be like bright colouring in some venemous animals where it stops some predators from attacking them accidently?

  • Scorpions can tell when they’re under overhead cover, even in pitch blackness. In some ways their carapace acts like a giant, shitty eye letting them “see” the stars, even through clouds.

    I would hazard a guess that the fluorescence is related to that.

  • There are even UV flashlights marketed towards finding scorpions.

  • If light attracts insects wouldn’t they just be using the glow to attract food?

  • They glow because they are fabulous.

  • I question the credentials of any evolutionary biologist who cannot see the clear advantage of glowing at a rave.

  • Could it have something to do with mate selection and scorpion eyes being more sensitive to UV light?

  • Well scorpions live in areas with high temperature and heavy sunlight exposure, right? And emitting light means that light energy is being reflected, rather than absorbed (why black, which absorbs all light frequencies, is often hotter under light exposure and white, which reflects light, is cooler). Maybe they evolved the ability to reflect UV frequencies as a way of dealing with the greater sunlight?

  • Could it have to do with their ancestors who came from the oceans? Maybe it had some use in the waters but they just kept the trait when they moved on land.

  • My theory: It mimics some flowers, which attracts animals, which attracts food for the scorpion.

  • So they could be chosen as characters in horror movies?

  • Not a single “Get over Here!” …. Come on people.

  • Speaking as an entomologist, chitin glows in the UV, normally. It’s a way of preventing UV damage, and is very, very ancient. As the earliest arthopods known in the Burgess shales have chitinous exoskeletons, as well. 500 megayears ago!!!

    We are quite sure why, in fact.


    & that’s not nitpicking.

  • > nobody is sure why



  • They must be the hunters from Dying Light just evolved even further 😮

  • Many insects are attracted to UV light, that’s the idea behind bug zappers. Flowers are often shine in UV light, and I believe spiderwebs do as well.

  • Raves?

  • There is no reason. “Survival of the fittest” is a misnomer imo, “survival of the good enough” would be much better to describe how evolution works. To quote my biology professor, who probably pulled the numbers out of his ass, “90% of mutations are harmful, 9% are benign, 1% are beneficial and we call that evolution.”

  • Maybe they just like to party?

  • Momma said, scorpions glow because they got all them stingers but no hearts.

  • Checkmate, atheists.

  • Could be an aquatic holdover… Weren’t their ancestors huge water-beasts?

  • They have realised if they glow under uv light, they will be taken to a modern luxurious facility and be given their own apartment and not have to hunt for food for the rest of their lives.

  • Someone could make an argument about fish that swim upstream. Only some fish swim upstream, others fly…

    Nature is strange and maybe for reasons we don’t understand.

  • My stupid roommate bought a ton of scorpions in college for this very reason. After his glee wore off, he then bought a bunch of mice hoping there would be some kind of epic gladiator type shit go down in the scorpion’s pen. Got bored of waiting, went to bed. Woke up to all his scorpions dead and the mice running around.

  • They glow because cats peed on ’em. Duh.

  • u/LeahTheTard

  • So they can rock you like a hurricane

  • Don’t they have more cones/rods in their eyes to see each other at night time using this?

  • Many chemicals glow under UV light, as long as they have a benzene ring structure or a long chain of C-C=C-C=C-C bonds, therefore the UV-glow could be just a coincidence that has nothing to do with an evolutionary advantage.

  • They actually don’t have blood, they’re just full of cum

  • They didn’t “evolve to glow under UV light”. They happen to glow under UV light.


    except that they live in very hot dry sunny environments where the sun can fucking kill you in a few hours so its ALMOST as if being able to fucking reflect all that light that would otherwise cook your organs and boil your blood, might be an evolutionary advantage.

    BUT IT SAYS NO ONE KNOWS IN THE TITLE IN THE TODAY I READ THE GENERIC REDDIT FORMULA SECTION OF THE FAKE NEWS WEBSITE!!!!!! So maybe, someone fucking knows and you’re just too alone and stupid to ever access that information.

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