TIL of the Jim Twins, two identical twins who were separated at birth and lived nearly identical lives. They married...

TIL of the Jim Twins, two identical twins who were separated at birth and lived nearly identical lives. They married and divorced different women with the same names, had dogs with the same names, smoked the same type of cigarettes, drove the same type of car, and vacationed at the same beach.

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  • What if the other dude is just his clone and is just now revealing himself with the eventual goal of taking over his life?

  • As said by u/extra68cat, this is easily explained by statistics. First, the odds that we find any two people in the history of the world with 10 significant life events or so which are similar is fairly high. Second, the reporters are playing up the similarities. Radiolab has a great story about a very similar example:


  • >The culprit for the odd similarities? Genes.

    Oh come on, there must be more to it than that. There’s no way genetics could explain so many precise similarities. Something else is going on that we simply can’t explain, so why can’t we just say that?

  • To people saying this is chance, this happens quite often in twin studies with twins separated at birth. Twin studies are fascinating.

  • More proof we are living in a simulation.

  • Sounds like a load of bs to me.

  • As much as we try to deny it (because it makes us uncomfortable and undermines our faith in free will), genetics plays a HUGE part in determining who we are and how our lives unfold. Understanding this can be truly helpful. If we know our genetic pre-disposition we can make choices in our lives to help offset our genetic shortcomings. For example if I have a genetic tendency to be sad I can engage in activities that I know make me happier.

  • it’s rather horrifying to consider just how much of us seems to be preordained by our genetics.

  • Glitch in the matrix?

  • But did they do these things without knowing the other was also doing them at the same time, with things with the same names?

  • Come on! Who on earth chooses their spouse because of their particular name?!? It’s just luck.

  • Also both named Jim o_O

  • On purpose?

  • r/nevertellmetheodds

  • To me this proves that the universe is one gigantic Rube Goldberg machine.

  • As an identical twin myself, I very much hate weird stories like this.

  • Headline:

    > Twin brothers separated at birth reveal striking genetic similarities

    lol no shit.

  • There is no such thing as free will, so this is not surprising.

  • It player turned out it was just one guy A/B testing a variety of minor aspects of his life.

  • Ooh. I know this one! The German owns the fish!

  • “The one”

    …..Decent movie….

  • I’m just imagining the beach vacation if they ever saw each other before finding out they were twins.

    Literally both twins :: “I don’t know who that guy is, but he looks like he’s married to a total bitch.”

  • It’s amazing how 100% identical nurture will do that with separated twins.

    Downvoted by people nurtured badly and lacking sarcasm detection.

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