TIL Leonardo DiCaprio was named Leonardo because his pregnant mother was looking at a Leonardo da Vinci painting in a...

TIL Leonardo DiCaprio was named Leonardo because his pregnant mother was looking at a Leonardo da Vinci painting in a museum in Italy when he first kicked.

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  • I’m going to conveniently go on holiday to Italy when my wife is pregnant so I have an excuse to name our first child after one of the Ninja Turtles.

  • It was just a coincidence that his grandfather and uncle were both named Leonardo.

  • We were at a performance of the 1812 Overture when my daughter first kicked. Should have named her Pyotr.

  • Same reason my name is DickPic.

  • So there’s a decent chance he could have been Vincent DiCaprio, or maybe Pablo DiCaprio

  • Eh, mine was the first name my mother saw in the phonebook…

  • He’s lucky she didn’t make it to the Titian triptych.

  • TIL Leonardo Dicaprio used to go by the nickname of ‘Leonardo Retardo’

  • Haven’t had babies yet, but damn do people find strange reasons on how/why to name a baby.

  • And Leonardo da Vinci was named Leonardo because his mother was watching What’s Eating Gilbert Grape when he first kicked. True story.

  • I call bs.

    I think she just wanted to use an unconventional name and that’s the story she could hang it on.

    She was probably listening to Freddy Fender when he first kicked.

    I’m calling him Freddy DiCaprio from now on.

  • Steve Buscemi can’t melt steel beams

  • I actually already this because I had a huuuuge 4th grade boner for him and bought SEVERAL unauthorized Leonardo DiCaprio biographies that were just pictures of him and fact sheets gleaned from interviews he did from other magazines.

    Favorite drink? lemonade
    Favorite book? The Old Man and the Sea
    Favorite song? Sitting on the Dock of the Bay by Otis Redding

    The fact that I still remember this specific shit is sad.

  • I’m from the Praxiteles diCaprio timeline.

  • Fascinating, can you also tell us why kids at his school use to call him Leonardo Retardo?

  • lucky he didn’t kick for the first time when she stepped in dog shit or something.

  • Let’s just be grateful she wasn’t listening to Debussy

  • Who cares? Seriously.

  • Lol, her mother was looking at a ceiling TMNT poster when she got pregnant

  • My son was named Leonardo because my wife likes Leonardo DiCaprio.

  • I can go at any time, Gilbert.

  • Yep, pretty much all millennial 90s girls who saw Titanic 100 times and had Leo biography books they read during lunch already been done knew this.

  • A friend of mine who always carries baseballs around in case he runs into someone famous recently ran into Leo at an airport. He was in one of those special lounges that not everyone gets to go into. My friend spots him as he’s wearing his traditional baseball cap all halfway down his face and sunglasses. He notices my friend looking at him so Leo pulls out his phone and says “hi mom”. My friend immediately and playfully tells him “Leo, seriously man? Hi mom?” Leo pulls the phone away and he wasn’t talking to anyone and says “what do you guys want? An autograph” my friend says yeah. Just one please. Leo thinks for a sec and then say “okay, give me what you got”. Sure enough my friend showed me the ball. Signature came out pretty good too. When he told me that story, it made me chuckle. Gotta love Leo.

  • Since we’re discussing how some people have picked or will pick baby names, my boyfriend has asked if we skills ever gave a girl to name her Winter. He’s dead serious and feels it’s a beautiful name. I’m not too keen on it, until I realized that I can make baby announcements that will say “winter is coming”. Now I’m totally on board

  • Somewhere in an alternate universe…:

    TIL Curly Butthole Pubic Hair DiCaprio was named Curly Butthole Pubic Hair because his pregnant mother was giving a vagrant a rim job in Duluth, Minnesota when he first kicked.

  • Probably bs?

    His last name sounds Italian and Leonardo is a common name there and for people of italian descent

  • I thought it was something like that

  • This close to “Hand-Di Caprio”

  • It’s a good thing she wasn’t taking a shit at the time.

  • Good thing she wasn’t at the Hieronymus Bosch exhibit…

  • Or… maybe their gardener’s name was Leonardo.

  • Guess he should be happy she wasn’t listening to Engelbert Humperdinck when he kicked.

  • TIL my mom was listening to Curtis Blow when I kicked her.

  • Emphasis on “Nard”

  • I’m just glad he wasn’t named after a fucking ninja turtle.

  • His mother should have been seeing Monalisa, that would have been funny.

  • Kevin Hart explains it perfectly.


    Starts at 0:30

  • Also: the guy with the super-duper Italian name is actually only about one quarter Italian. He’s mostly German-American.

  • I read this wrong and thought she got knocked up while looking at the painting. Now I’m thinking about how one would get laid in a museum

  • Yeah, sure she was.

  • “Cool story bro”

  • if every mother named their son depending on where they were, at first kick moment. What would their names be?

  • Oh, you mean Lenny Williams?

  • A coworker of mine named her son Michelangelo. I asked if it was because the painter, it was because the Ninja Turtle.

  • ‘Twas as the prophecy foretold.

  • Might be better to link to the particular section containing the bit you’re talking about: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leonardo_DiCaprio#Early_life

  • I have a feeling this is BS

  • [In an alternate dimension]
    “Hey guys, have you seen the new Ladies’ Restroom Sign Decaprio movie yet?”

  • he truly is a work of art… 🙂

  • I’ve heard this, but still very neat.

  • I feel like if my mother tried that my name would be Stove or some shit

  • When he was younger he acted up a lot, so his nickname was Leonardo Retardo

  • My dad wanted to name me Herkamer.

  • My name is planned parenthood and im just glad to be here to tell you.

  • Nobody voulenteers for the name Leonardo. Kids at school will call you Retardo forsure.

    So that kick was probably resistance.

  • and why was he named DiCaprio?

  • I’m pretty sure I read this fact in one of my sister’s “teen” magazines while I was using her bathroom back in the day

  • I resonate with this.

  • So we’ll name it Beethoven.

  • Who the fuck cares?

  • It’s a good thing she wasn’t at the Dong Yuan exhibit.

  • I heard she’s a real mona.

  • Bullshit, publisher/promoter made up story. gotta love the internet.

  • Hey^that’s^my^name^too.^Alright^I’ll^shut^up

  • Wow. He could have been Rembrandt DiCaprio if she’d just moved a little faster.

  • My kid is Double Big Mac. He has a future in films

  • Sounds like he comes from money

  • rich people problems

  • When I was a kid, I had it in my head that Leonardo DiCaprio and Da Vinci were somehow the same person. I mean their names were super similar and being so young, I didn’t really understand history. No surprise that he was my childhood idol. He was a brilliant actor, inventor, and painter of the most famous painting in history.

  • I thought everyone knew this.

  • that’s idiotic

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