• They missed out not calling it Poundtown.

  • Paging Ashens

  • There’s also a Pound World.

  • Japan has 100 Yen shops.

  • TIL In the United States their Poundland is called Dollar Tree.

  • And unlike the American equivalent tax is included in the title, so you can actually buy stuff for a fucking pound.

  • Pontypridd used to have a pound shop called Poundworld Plus – the “plus” signified that not everything was £1.

  • And you can watch Ashens on youtube open up alot of stuff from them.

  • In India we have Store 99, with products from 1 rupee to 99 rupees.

    For reference, 1 USD=60-65 Rupees

  • Pretty sure last time I was in Ireland they had an equivalent called Eurozone.

  • They’re collectively called “Pound Shops” but there are quite a few different chains.

  • I live on one of the Northern Isles of Scotland and Poundland is called Dealz (still the same company) but everything costs £1.20

  • The first one ever was in my town. It is a shithole.

  • In Denmark we have Tiger, which means tiger but can also be understood as the danish word for a tenner (10 kroner).

  • I learned this from ashens years ago.

  • In Australia we used to have the reject shop

  • Sounds like a far-off distant, mythical land.

  • And here in Canada, we call it Dollarama.

  • I’d go there.

  • I think a better TIL is everything is exactly £1.

    When I went to a dollar store in the USA I got to the checkout and they added a bunch of tax on top which I thought was a bit cheeky…

  • The beauty of PoundWorld is, things are actually £1. Yes a few items are more but the majority are £1. Unlike the dollar stores, you will be lucky if you find anything for $1, at least in Florida

  • Poundworld as well….

  • We used to have 99p stores too. I preferred them cause they were cheaper.

  • ‘Ohh I’m taking you to Poundland tonight’

  • Poundland’s biggest sellers are reading glasses. Fact.

  • [deleted]

  • In New Zealand they were called “$2 Shops” now they are called “$2 and more” shops. stupid inflation

  • I took OP’s mom their last night.

  • I took my mom to Poundland…. we were outta milk

  • [deleted]

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