TIL Hitler called the French the second best fighters after the Germans

TIL Hitler called the French the second best fighters after the Germans

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  • I like the way that the picture that accompanies the article is of the French *Foreign* Legion.

  • Hitler knew shit about fighting, if he would have left fighting to his generals Germany would still own all of western Europe.

  • Lol, the Russians tore them a new one

  • I though that “honor” went to the Greeks.

    It is true that Hitler read De Gaulle’s work on the future of tank warfare, and incorporated many of those ideas into his successful Blitzkrieg campaigns of 1940.

  • I’m sure he said that before the Russians drove him out of Ukraine and the Crimea, and back into Germany, in four days in 1944.

  • Not surprised. Hitler personally fought the French in WW1.

  • Wasn’t Charlemagne’s Empire the first Reich in Hitler’s crazy theory? Charlie was French.

  • On 13 July 1942, “Free France” was officially renamed France combattante (“Fighting France”), to mark that the struggle against the Axis was conducted both externally by the FFF and internally by the French Forces of the Interior (FFI).

  • And Hitler was often to be considered a good military mind. PFFFFT jk.


  • I do this too. Praise the opponent you shit on to bring yourself up.

  • Yeah, that was while he was still winning. It was before Stalingrad and Kursk.

  • My school books in the 60’s and 70’s said that when the Germans attacked, the French laid down their arms. They gave up with minimal fighting. You can still read how they did not defend the advancing Germans at any of their river crossings.

  • Rifle droppers….

  • This is coming from a drug addict.

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