TIL Gwyneth Paltrow thinks it’s a good idea to stick jade eggs up your vagina.

TIL Gwyneth Paltrow thinks it’s a good idea to stick jade eggs up your vagina.

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  • Thats not the weirdest thing she believes.

  • Per Shiva Rose and her nutty fucking vagina weightlifting routine:

    > First clean and clear the egg this can be done by boiling it for a few minutes in clean water. Then after drying it, burn some sage around the egg and see it being cleansed. Imagine golden or white light being channeled into the egg. Place the egg under the light of the full moon from time to time. If the egg has a drilled hole for string then clean that out with warm water and soap and a pipe cleaner or needle. Create a quiet space and light a candle and place the egg before you on a beautiful scarf or textile. Imagine all your intentions being flowed into the egg before you begin using it. Before beginning lay down on the earth and place the jade egg on your belly and then your heart. Create a relationship with the magic of this stone.

  • Good to see Gwyneth Paltrow making that transition from ‘A little eccentric’ to ‘Full on Bat-shit, what the f*ck did she just say crazy.’

  • And if she sticks a geode up her butt she gets the strength of ten men.

  • Yes, but it’s also true that Gwyneth Paltrow has never met an idea too stupid to promote and profit from. I’m just glad she hasn’t (as far as I know anyway) started pushing anti vaccine bullshit yet.

  • To be fair, I believe the same thing. Just… for very different reasons. And especially if it’s being videotaped.

  • If i ever get a invite to her house im doing a impromptu easter egg hunt

  • I don’t have jade eggs or a vagina. 🙁

  • Is this the same lady who got in trouble with NASA just a little while ago?

  • She’s a full on nut job huh? Never really paid much attention to her but she’s been in the news lately and none of it sounds normal.

  • $66 is outrageous! I can get a six pack of ping pong balls for $3.50.

  • So Paltrow would rather “smoke crack” than eat cheese from a tin, but all these pseudo-scientific nick-knacks that cause real harm are all good, huh?

  • I’ll tell you what’s good for your sex life – putting a penis in your vagina.

  • Is that how they hatch?

  • Stephen Colbert has an interesting video bashing her new line

  • This is how Daenerys hatched those dragon eggs in the books.

  • Wasn’t she just in the news for claiming that a $60 sticker would help your body energy? Nutjob or publicity genius.


  • Sticking stuff up her vagina is her only skill/talent.

  • Instead of jade eggs, can it be pickles and how about instead of your vagina, it’s your butt? Would that be ok? If so, have I got an idea for you!!!

  • I don’t think she believes, she is just a scammer.

  • Relevant:

    [TIL that Gwyneth Paltrow believes that yelling at water and rice negative affects them](https://www.reddit.com/r/todayilearned/comments/5ebc4g/til_that_gwyneth_paltrow_believes_that_yelling_at/)

  • I can think of a few other things I’d stick up there.

  • Pickled eggs?

  • I think she’s been watching too much dragon egg porn

  • How much does her vagina bench?

  • Dumb as a box of eggs.

  • You sucking?

  • The name’s Egg, Jade Egg.

  • Why is #2 a gold dildo and #5 the same gold dildo? #4 and #8 are the same too.

  • Everyone knows she’s stupid already. It’s the yuppie way.

  • Alright let me grow a vagina and pull my $3,000 out of my pocket

  • Gwyneth Paltrow is a student of David Avocado Wolfe. They both love that snake oil.

  • Let’s be honest, things haven’t been the same since Chris left.

  • So a career as an actor/celebrity isn’t the equivalent of an MD… interesting

  • What is the evidence this isn’t a good idea?

  • Gwyneth Paltrow is a fucking retard.

  • If she squeezes on them, while they’re stuck up her snatch, probably a good kegel workout.

  • OMG why is she still relevant? All she does is flaunt her status. Worse than the Kardashians imo.

  • Still would.

  • She’s an idiot. Jade is porous as hell. Just what I need in my vag, unwanted bacteria. She needs to just fucking STOP with all her quackery, stick to acting and stop peddling her bullshit wares. I am so over this pretentious bitch and her overpriced, ridiculous, no one in their right mind would buy it bullshit. Ugh. Smdh.

  • Now i liked her in Iron Man, but she seems to be relying on a whole different kind of arc-reactor. A shiny green one, not a shiny blue one lol. (EDIT: Must be just as slimy as Tony’s.)

  • Who cares what she thinks.

  • Finally my hobby is justified.

  • how do you know it’s not a good idea?

  • Go stick your head in spacey’s box gwynnie

  • TIL Gwyneth Paltrow is nuts

  • Well, I think it would be a good idea to stick jade eggs up Gwyneth Paltrow’s vagina.

  • Old news.

  • Sounds like something a crazy chinese lady with too much money does for fertility rituals.

  • If I were a woman, I would stick everything up there

  • Silly actress, you already have eggs up your vagina. If you must stuff more, don’t forget the silver caviar spoon.

  • She is legit the WORST celebrity on the planet. Decent actor but just an absolute dumbass.

  • We are talking about kegels right? This is a pretty well established practice afaik

  • Look, I know this isn’t the Youtube comment section but seriously folks, what a dumb fucking bitch.

  • Ah yes, “an ancient chinese royalty secret” Kind of like the mercury pills they also took to cure them of diseases. Have you tried those yet, Gwyneth?

  • Not my vagina, thank you very much.

    I’m a guy so…

  • Pro tip: don’t take the advice of people who play make believe for a living. Also don’t take advice about society from somebody who lives inside a gated house and rarely leaves it. These two types are usually the same person.

  • Can we put her in jail now? Her spacesuit stickers sound illegal.

  • Rich people do the stupidest things.. perhaps you should just find someone more “suited” for your love canal

  • And what you’re saying it’s not??

  • It’s not her we should worry about. It’s the people who buy this shit.

  • She is famous for being stupid. Actually, the entire tv series “friends” was sort of the flag bearer of stupidity. I wont be surprised if she supports inserting giant porcupines up the vagina as well.

  • TIL someone likes to make posts after watching Colbert

  • Goddamnit it’s marked nsfw and no nudies. I was super excited with her name in the title and it marked nsfw

  • So can anyone here conclusively prove that she’s wrong?

  • laugh laugh laugh you westerners. this practice is old, very old. It helps strengthen the floor wall after having a child. And yes kids…..it works. Mamma has a snapping vag!

  • she has different beliefs and crazy thoughts at times!

  • Would still smash.

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