TIL Domino’s discontinued using the Noid as their mascot because a mentally ill man named Kenneth Lamar Noid thought the...

TIL Domino’s discontinued using the Noid as their mascot because a mentally ill man named Kenneth Lamar Noid thought the ads were a personal attack on him. In retaliation, he took two Domino’s employees hostage, demanded $100,000, a special-made pizza, and a salad. He later killed himself in 1995.

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  • “Vocal-Noid”

  • Soo…..he’s dead. Return of the mascot?

  • He was para-noid.

  • A salad?! from a pizza place?! proof of insanity.

  • Didn’t he also kill a driver?

  • The most recent dominos commercial has a small noid toy in the background.

  • Kendrick Lamar Noid

  • That escalated quickly

  • Avoid the noid he ruins pizzas

  • I hope he at least got the pizza and salad….

  • Years ago, a English comedy group was going to start a new tv series, and needed a name for it. They came up with a lot of alternatives before “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” was finally decided upon.
    One of the unused names that was discussed was “Gwen Dibley’s Flying Circus”. Gwen Dibley was a random woman in the newspaper one day, and they thought it would be funny for her to discover at some point that she had a tv show.

    We’ll never know how she would have reacted, but it’s unlikely she would have demanded a pizza.

  • Jesus. What are the chances.

  • The Noid makes an appearance in their latest commercials.

  • He got noided.

  • #**YO, NOID!**

  • So then you can resume using the Noid.

  • Avoid Ken Noid.

  • He definitely sounds like one to avoid.

  • Plot Twist: He inspired the 3 idiots that chained a bomb to the neck of one of the three, who happened to be a pizza delivery man to stage a bank robbery. When the neck collar bomb blew up his ade-NOIDS were found on the side of the SWAT van 125 ft away. Coincidence? I don’t fucking think so.

  • Huh. My brother was a studio musician back in the ’80’s and did all of the music and sound effects for those commercials. I remember telling my friends thinking it was cool or something. TIL.

  • The Noid can be seen in there Rube Goldberg add.

  • I was the Noid in HS for the store where I worked. I was the only one who fit the suit AND couldn’t refuse. It was August. Due to some serious miscommunications and probably general disinterest from both parties, corporate sent the store the winter suit (as opposed to the one with lighter materials) and an 18 wheeler (as opposed to a pickup) for a parade that started on the high school of a small town (Belpre, Ohio) and ended at the top of the hill about a 1.3 miles (2 km for those scoring outside the US, or even just reading on your couch) away.

    The costume had a plastic head that weighed a good 20 pounds (9 kg) that was supported by those harnesses that marching band drummers use and was at least 3.5 feet (1 meter plus) from the mouth where you looked out to the top of the ears, a wool insulated suit, enormous gloves and ‘feet’ that where actually about 21 inches (533 mm) long.

    The night before the parade, they actually drove me around neighborhoods in the back of one of the pickup used for deliveries (owned by the delivery guy). We got snagged in a tree even with me sitting on crates. They (the driver and manager) had a good laugh.

    The next morning it was 90 degrees (32° C) when the parade started. Two female co workers in shorts and t-shirts had to carry a banner in front if me while the tractor and trailer trailed closely behind. The two girls bitched the entire route while I trudged (because I would trip over the feet if I dragged) and left left me at the end…in the suit which was impossible me to take alone. The manager sent someone to help me after they got back to the store 6 or 7 minutes later which meant I was in the suit for about an hour in that heat.

    The evening I went to the Homecoming festival, once again as the Noid. I would walk around and stop for pictures for 20 minutes and then get out if the suit for a half hour break. During one of the breaks, a little girl started crying, “They killed the Noid” and I sprinted to get the suit back on. I bent over to hug her and conked her in the head. She us probably seriously traumatized by Furries now. During an break, a wrestling promotion owner convinced the manager to trade dinner for a Noid ring appearance. It did not go well. I went to climb in and the head piece got stuck between the ropes. Suffice to say, I didn’t make it into the actual ring and everyone had a fine time watching two people try to extradite me from said ropes. Luckily, the rest if the evening was uneventful.

    I asked for a raise. I was a good sport through the whole weekend and thought it would be a just dessert. The girls actually got raises and got to work inside instead of holding a $5 pizza banner (which was our main job) after threatening to quit. I got two pizzas to take home.

  • Their new mascot Sue Side the Pizza Guide has had a much more positive response but Dominos has had a difficult time reaching the test group for follow up responses.

  • TIL you watched a Vinesauce video

    Just link the damn video next time

  • He still makes cameos to this day!

  • Huh… guess he shoulda been avoided…

  • But they still use the Noid. They were using him for giveaways in one of their Recent Price Drop Campaigns. He’s blue now

  • I though they ended it, because it was a terrible ad campaign.

  • Why would you give him what he wants?

  • Should’ve kept the advertisements going, he can’t take anyone for hostage now anyway.

  • The guy is dead now.. bring back the noid.

  • That’s fucked up

  • TIL the Noid was at one time not claymation and a real person. Don’t remember that

  • Well….damn.

  • I remember enjoying playing “Avoid the Noid” video game as a kid, it was pretty challenging.

  • Whats that
    Can’t tell
    Hand held dream
    Shot in hell
    Deep space ghetto
    Show me somethin’
    I ain’t seen before
    Mystery hind that
    Death door
    Juke step electrocute the floor
    Whats the science on
    Flyin’ that high
    Got a no-no goin’, one time
    Creeps up behind me
    Over my shoulder
    Turn around try to see
    But its nowhere
    Noided, noided
    Static on my blindside
    I seen footage, I stay noided I seen
    Everybody’s knowin’
    Where ya think you’re goin’ ain’t goin’ nowhere
    Satellite, handle that
    Wit a lead pipe
    Who captures life
    Who takes whats left who stay
    On that next, already know my gillicutti, like I told you
    Don’t touch me
    Whats up wit it
    I stay noided, stimulation overload account for it
    Desensitized by the mass amounts of shit
    Ive seen it, I’ve been it
    Can’t delete it feels like jail (noided) full moon in da klink shinin’ don’t sleep
    Surveillance post my bail
    I seen footage, I stay noided I seen
    Armored cop open fire Glock
    On some kid who stepped so
    Fast was hard ta grasp
    What even happened til you seen dat head blow
    Off his shoulders in slow mo
    Rewind that, is so cold
    Rewind that, is so cold
    I seen footage I stay noided
    Juke step wit so much boy rude looseness seem like
    No bones in him skin
    (noided) my jaw hit da floor like this real for I gotta see that one mo gin
    Ambulance hit and run over pedestrian in Brazil
    Little tiger, boy soldier
    Twist a cap back and kills (noided)
    Seen crazy shit man crazy shit
    I seen footage, I stay noided

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