TIL about “pee paint,” a special paint that repels pee back on the pee-er. Cities use it in an attempt...

TIL about “pee paint,” a special paint that repels pee back on the pee-er. Cities use it in an attempt to reduce public urination on walls.

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  • LPT: Pee at an angle so it doesnt bounce back on you.

  • NYC tried to address this problem as well. But instead of pee paint, they created cardboard cutouts of people peeing and gave them to the city cleaning crew to place on all the spots girls and guys peed overnight (without cleaning up the pee marks).

    The sight so disgusted people that they began self-policing, which resulted in a huge drop in the number of people peeing in the streets.

  • Implying I care when I’m that far gone.

  • Or.. ya know.. maybe install some public toilets? I feel like this problem would not exist if there were enough public bathrooms for people to use

  • How is nobody talking about these fucking amazing neon before and after pictures? The way the after-guy is posed, casually resigned to his fate as he tracks the glowing trajectory of his own pee ricocheting onto his shoes in what we should assume is an unexpected turn of events for him, is the funniest shit I’ve seen all weekend.

  • Jokes on them, I already pissed my pants.

  • Europeans are the leaders in this case. They just plunk down a pissoir in the middle of the sidewalk. There are even some for women.

  • Just piss at an angle.

  • That’s such a German solution. Meanwhile the Belgians just install urinals. Problem solved.

  • I dunno about San Francisco or Philadelphia but where I live in Los Angeles there is NOWHERE to pee in public. Ever. Anywhere. This city is extremely hostile to us unfortunate souls with small bladders. There are no public toilets basically anywhere including in/around train stations, and most restaurants/gas stations/shops don’t have them or don’t allow you to use them even if you’re a paying customer. I get that people will just vandalize and jerk off/shoot up in them, but they’ve missed the memo that people actually need to pee, too. Of all the complaints I have about this city, the piss smell is not one of them, because people have to go. The repellent paint sounds incredibly cruel.

  • Just piss at an angle to the wall so it goes off to the side. Put up more goddamn porta potties or something. How are we this insane and still made the internet?

  • They must apply this to urinals too

  • All so cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles can avoid making public restrooms available. Both DTLA and DTSF smell like piss and there is shit everywhere. This won’t change a thing.

  • That won’t do shit. In no way will this paint become common knowledge, youre just gunna see a bunch of drunk af dudes complaining from time to time about a magic wall that reflected all their piss

  • This might be an unpopular opinion but people don’t just pee on walls (most of the time) because its fun. I lived in my car for a short time, and one of the most difficult and humilating parts of that is that there is no where to go to the restroom after a certain time, and that even if a business is open, they often wont let you use their restroom. I would sometimes hold it in for hours until it was painful. Homeless people are punished for just existing sometimes, and the solution isnt stuff like this, but better, 24 hour, public restrooms.

  • I wouldn’t have to piss in public if there was a fucking restroom open late at night. My friend and ran for about a mile in Denver just searching for any bathroom that was open and they were all locked. The one open bar didn’t even have a bathroom.

  • Or put up some damn bathrooms like Europe does.

  • Yes, this is going to stop people NEEDING TO PEE. I know it’s gross but when you have to go, you really only have two options 1) pee outside, somewhere discreet or 2) piss your pants. I’m sorry but if those are the options… well… I’m not pissing my pants, basically.

  • This seems like a much better solution then going all euro and just building public urinals that drop down below the sidewalk during the day. Drunk people piss, give them a place to do it. As an aside, urine contains the bulk of the nitrogen in human waste and sidestreaming it creates a viable resource for a company to harvest for sale as fertilizer.

  • so…just hydrophobic paint…….”pee paint”….sigh

  • Whenever I go out, I wear my waterproof duck boots and my bad jeans. When I get irresponsible and drinks get spilled, it doesn’t effect the shoes and idgaf about the pants. Come at me local govt I’m peeing on everything

  • Hydrophobic paint. Its been around a while. The real issues is it deteriorates over time. This is going to cost a lot.

  • They had a problem with public urination so they made pee paint.

    Now they have a problem with public urination AND homeless people smelling like pee.

  • It’s sad that pee paint is a thing.

  • I feel like every urinal I have ever used is painted with this already.

  • In Victorian times they put a little ledge at such a height that it would be pissed on in such a way as to cause the urine stream to spray back on the pisser. If you look around London or in other cities with bldgs from the era you can find them.

    They are little ledges at about the height a stream of urine would hit if the bldg we’re pissed on.

  • Wouldn’t that make them simply pee on the ground?

  • The urinals in my office must be coated with this stuff.

  • Gotta do something about the problem. It’s a sanitary nightmare having people use the streets as a sewer.

  • Showerthought: what if we coated all surface area of a small room with the pee paint and let a test subject pee in it?

  • *challenge accepted*

  • So only male public peeing is a problem?

  • I feel like a better solution would be public toilets. If someone has a toilet to pee in they won’t pee on the street as much.

  • Wouldn’t one just pee on the ground if they can’t pee on the wall?

  • [deleted]

  • I heard this was a huge expense (and failure) in San Francisco.

  • That hydrophobic paint doesn’t work well. The coating can come off if rubbed. Look at the reviews for Rust-Oleum neverwet.

  • Can I get this for my cat?

  • Wtf people corroded a lamp post with pee?!

  • And this will cause some to realize their new fetish.

  • LPT: stand with your back to the wall and pee outwards

  • Most passive-aggressive response ever right there

  • So it is basically hydrophobic paint that some scammer will charge the city 10,000% markup on.

  • Like I don’t get a good sprinkling from the trough, anyway.

  • ‘Just pish yerself’

  • Or they could just piss on the ground or at an angle

  • [What will the boys down at the lab think of next?](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqIHlnfGKV0)

  • I think if you’re drunk and peeing outside chances are you’re already peeing on yourself and not noticing.

  • Ignoble prize candidate, most back-assward invention of the year. Easy to defeat, leaves larger pee marks, completely contrary to common sense and human decency of providing toilets to people who need them.

  • Or, you know, spend that money on a public toilet. Sometimes people get caught short.

  • Somebody will probably discover how to make Meth out of it and all the paint will be scraped off.

  • …now if only they could invent public restrooms.

  • In India, the walls are painted with religious symbols to deter people from peeing on them.

  • Watched the ted talk… I wonder if you painted a boat hull with that… would it have less friction moving through the water with a barrier of air? And also would it prevent the bio-growth from accumulating on the vessel hull while it sits in a slip? I’m sure someone out there tried it.

  • Wasn’t this a joke in the naked gun

  • If only society had morals

  • Why not invest in por-to-lets?

  • You know what would solve the problem, how about more urinals that people can use, nothing worse than been a few miles from home and needing a pee, I dunno how about pee shelters like bus stops, we are gonna pee somewhere anyway.

  • This has already failed in Philadelphia. Made no difference. City abandoned it as a solution.

  • Wouldn’t it be easier to hire people to pee on those who pee on walls ?

  • can i paint myself with it and when i’m on a demonstration where i’m being shot at with a highpressure water hose i’m fine?

  • >Public urination is certainly a public health issue

    Well, it’s supposed to be sterile, so while it may smell bad, as long as it isn-

    >shortly after San Francisco announced the city would be using Ultra-Ever Dry last year, a lamp post corroded by urine fell in the street, narrowly missing a nearby driver.

    Wait… *What?*

  • I got caught peeing on the side of a building back in the early 1980’s. Cop gave me a ticket. I went to court and plead guilty. My sentence, and I shit you not, was to go to the back of the building at 4th Ave and Washington (in Phoenix) and inhale several times so that I can understand why we don’t pee in public.

  • Every time I read about a topic related to unwanted pissers, I think of [this](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7ZDifcAWbw)

  • Wouldn’t it really just be hydrophobic paint?

  • Reminds me of this anti-graffiti wall:

  • How about more public restrooms to reduce public urination instead.

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