TIL: 87 years ago, there was a day that the BBC had no news to report. So they just played...

TIL: 87 years ago, there was a day that the BBC had no news to report. So they just played piano music.

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  • Ah the days when if there was no news, no news was reported… Good times.

  • That would be a nice change if major news networks would do that again. Instead of speculating, just play Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

  • If it was today:

    6pm – Wolf Blitzer and Panel debate if no news is good news.

    7pm – Don Lemon along with CG rendering simulated what news would look like.

    8pm – Anderson Cooper interviews Kathy Griffin on why she didn’t create any news to report.

    9pm – Just 60 minutes of Rachel Maddow looking smug.

  • I’d like to think that this is where the phrase ‘no news is good news’ is coined, and that it has absolutely nothing to do with worrying about upcoming events, and everything to do with a man who just wants to listen to piano music.

  • Thoughty2 fan?

  • Man, Karl was right about SO many of the things that Ricky and Steve called him an idiot for. I think he should produce a retaliatory reunion podcast.

  • Scroobius Pip had a song that riffs on this fact. Death of the journalist. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CGPf1HXX7nw

  • *The evening prior to Good Friday, the British government wanted to deny some news which had made the rounds, but because the newspapers weren’t printing due to the holiday, they went to the radio. Within twenty-four hours, these untold issues were no longer news — and, apparently, BBC Radio determined that nothing else was, either. For their 6:30 broadcast that evening, they simply announced “There is no news” — and filled the remainder of the time with piano music.*

  • copying a comment from one of the many previous threads:

    >If you read the source (bbc.co.uk) of the source (forbes), you’ll find that “There is no news” refers to “no news broadcast”, not “no news”. (As far as my gut feel for English number agreement goes, that would have been “there are no news”.)

    >**It was Good Friday, a public holiday.**

  • Hey you got this from Thoughty2!

  • I heard that shortly after the light music was played their was a minor fire, but it was too late to report it.

  • You learned that on the completely unrelated “Today I Found Out” youtube channel. Which by the way is an awesome channel which releases a new video every day on fairly interesting stuff.

    I mean they release every single day. It can’t all be gold.

  • On Friday 18th 1930 there was an attempted raid on the armoury of police and auxiliary forces in Chittagong in Bengal province, British India by armed pro-independence revolutionaries led by Surya Sen popularly known as Master-da.

  • 87 years ago, it would be impossible for someone to figure out what happened on that day at that time around the world or even across the country.

  • nice

  • That’s funny, I actually learned this today as well watching a YouTube video.

  • From thoughty2 video right?
    He mentioned that.

  • Thoughty2

  • Now its probably gonna be some bullshit about which celwbrity ate a steak for breakfast.

    I would prefer music to be honest.

  • I would love to see that on CNN some day.

  • Now when there are no news, they fake one.

  • Couldn’t they have run some olds or some monkey news.

  • Now you don’t have to worry about that ever happening again. The Media will literally just make shit up.

  • what did people do before news? I mean how can we humans possibly operate without news?

  • Four scores and seven years ago…

  • Rachel maddow is smug, but it was too late to report on, possibly report on something good.

  • Today they would just report frantically that the News had ended!!!! Is it the information apocalypse da da daaahhh!!!

  • Now news agencies would just make shit up, or report completely useless Buzzfeed (or Buzzfeed’s stolen Reddit) posts. I’m just saying.

  • Back when they wanted to write/talk about important stuff, not all this nonsensical drama that there is today.

  • I find it kinda fascinating when certain TILs like this one get heavily reposted. I wonder where OP stole it from?

  • I would love to hear music instead of hearing about what someone “tweeted” earlier in the day.

  • Guess they hadn’t figured out that they just need to make up a political collusion scandal for the ratings like we do now, eh?

    Right guys? Amarite?! Heh…heh…

    I’m in the wrong sub, aren’t I?

  • Now they just make everything up

  • This sounds like something terrible happened on that day so bad that the MIB fucking flashed the world and said “You’ll go about your day like nothing happened.”

  • They should have been reporting this was the first day with no news to report…

  • Now they just talk about Trump on those days.

    Which is in between days they talk about Trump.

    Maybe I’ll start watching CNN.

  • Unlike today that A Kardashian swallows or farts , and it’s news Or even a Stupid Tweet from an Orange man is news.. Reality Tv really messed our generation up.

  • Slow day? Slow day…

  • Surely somebody tweeted something to talk about?

  • I find it hard to believe there wasn’t SOMETHING of substance going on somewhere.

  • Psh! In 2017 if there is no news we just make up news!

    Trump has a hotel in Chicago that has had Russian oligarchs stay at it, on multiple occasions. Ties to Putin???

    Bam, news

  • Sounds more like the employees wanted a day off and the bosses didn’t know what to do without them.

  • Actually, it was not that there was no news to report, merely nothing that met their journalistic level of integrity. These days due to much lower journalistic standards, there will never be a day with no (what passes for) news to report.

  • You know what they say: ‘no noose is good noose’.

  • If you want no news just watch any of the news networks. All lies and deceit on every channel you turn to.

  • Well, the Kardashians weren’t around back then so I’m not surprised…

  • To be honest, we still have days with no news. It’s just that news channels extend old stories as long as possible until more interesting news comes up.

  • CNN would’ve just made something up instead

  • Nowadays they fill it with shit about actors and actresses instead. Like that’s real news.

  • Guess fake news wasn’t invented yet.

  • This shows up every couple of months!!!!

    And i’m totally fine with that…

  • There was a cartoon of the idle presses at the NY Times. They had a motto on the wall: “All the news that’s fit to print.” An employee says to another, “I’ll bet things are humming over at the Mirror.”

    This was probably in a collection of cartoons from the New Yorker I had as a kid.

  • I first learned about this event from a song entitled, “Death of the Journalist” by Scroobius Pip. If you enjoy hip hop give it a listen.

  • I wish theyd do that now. It would be better than the liberal slop of fake news they generally publish. We’d have piano music almost everyday!

  • Must have been bad for the ratings, look what they have done every single day since…

  • I wonder how many people would be fired if that happened today?

  • The fact that there was no news is news. Therefore, there is always news.

  • These days the news is so hackneyed that it has to rely on superlative to push anything through. They just do the same stuff that they know people like, like some neglectful parent feeding you the same mac’n’cheese every fucking day because you said you liked it once.

  • No news… make some up… I wish they had one day imposed by the government called “good news day” only positive stories. Last Friday of the month or something. Negativity attracts negativity. Positivity attracts positivity. Wonder if the change was measurable.

  • [this is the newspaper from that day](http://imgur.com/ikurejh.jpg)

  • Would be useful to post the actual year for us folks who don’t have access to a calculustor

  • They still have days like this, they just air a story about a water skiing squirrel instead

  • Before the colonies started the revolt, good times.

  • Now we get five Trump headlines a day…

  • Now whenever there is a major news item they just keep repeating it over and over…and over 24×7 and devote weeks of coverage to the same thing. Gets pretty boring which is why I never watch it.

  • Anyone else see the irony in that day now being newsworthy 87 years in the future, due to its lack of news?

  • Hmmmm thoughty2 made a video about that yesterday

  • Florida hadn’t become Florida yet. Just a bunch of rich people sweating in winter park.

  • So instead of piano music these days, it’s just clickbait and fake news?

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