This weirdly rainbow colored knife I found at work

This weirdly rainbow colored knife I found at work

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  • You can sell it in steam market for a good price, people there love colorful knives.

  • You unboxed:
    “Kitchen Knife | Fade (Factory-New)”

  • The previous owners used it to stab unicorns.

  • These are just titanium coated knives. You can find them in most grocery stores in both a rainbow and gold tint and they usually seem more focused on looks than effectiveness.

    [Amazon link to rainbow knives](

  • Will it kill?

  • r/mallninjashit is calling

  • Gamble it off on CSGOempire

  • Clearly it’s just Case Hardened.

  • Kitchen Knife | Fade

  • CS:GO?

  • Where in hell do you work?

  • Factory New?

  • r/globaloffensive

  • edit: my info is not correct, this is titanium plated knife, plus the info on temps is not entirely correct either.. but i was corrected and it started some discussion 🙂

    Be careful, that looks like it has missed the second part of hardening process; annealing. Steel temp color goes from orange to blue, indicating the highest temperature it has been warmed up to. So either it is super brittle of very soft. My money is on brittle, spring steel has the same color.

  • the knife is coated in titanium-oxide (I believe) so it’s a chemical reaction that causes those purty colors.

    a similar effect can be achieved by placing a titanium or aluminum blade into water, and running an electric current into it at different volts. you can get blues, purples, greens, golds, stuff like that.

  • /r/mallninjashit

  • It’s a fade

  • Chrono got his ultimate weapon then, nice.

  • Silly you, it was hardened in the case it was unboxed from.


  • Looks like evidence of a 1000 degree red hot knife YouTube video.

  • Ionized

  • This is actually unicorn blood on it.

  • Don’t tell anyone, but OP is the one who’s been stabbing unicorns.

  • Everyone knows you run faster with a knife

  • r/globaloffensive

  • Steak Knife | Fade

  • Do you live in Dust 2?

  • Forged in the blood of a thousand fairies.

  • Did someone get this hot super hot where it discolored the stainless steel?

  • Orcs are near at hand!

  • That’s like $500 in CS:GO

  • Worth $10000 in csgo

  • Someone overheated that at some point in time

  • lol thought I was on /r/mallninjashit

  • I’ll trade you 20 keys for it…

  • proud knife

  • Isn’t this a sign of improper hardening or having been weakened again?

  • I can’t decide if the title should say weird instead of weirdly. Both sound rightly as much as they do right.

  • Probably the result of a 1000 degree knife experiment gone wrong

  • r/mallninjashit

  • Ross has a bunch, or something as deplorable as Ross does

  • Looks like a titanium nitride coating. It adds lubricity and “makes the steel act harder”

  • Flip Fade.

  • Now *that’s* a rainbow that you don’t want to have somewhere over you

  • Its a bayonet fade factory new!

  • The CS:GO comments in here are real lmao


  • Cosmic knife

  • fade

  • That’s a fade sir

  • Its a CS:GO butterfly knife XD

  • Do you know how satisfying it would be to gouge the eyes of your enemies with that!?

  • Rainbow coloured knife challenge

  • Knife Hits Ready.

  • Finest spoon I’ve seen!

  • Case hardened

  • I have a titanium oxide finish pocket knife, the finish is surprisingly tough on it.

    [Apparently the price has gone up since i’ve bought it](

  • Flip Knife Fade

  • This is a type of thing you can do with all sorts of blades, its called oxydization and it happens when you give it Titanium Oxide during some point in making the blade.

  • r/kitchenninjashit

  • Looks like stress concentrations, or someone put a blowtorch to it

  • You play cs go right?

  • is it stattrak

  • keep that, its an m9 bayonet doppler karambit butterfly knife fade

  • Has anyone in your work been to the Sierra Madre casino?

  • How is this even mildly interesting? Have this many people never seen the millions of rainbow knives they sell at gas stations? Or the fact that big chain stores sell sets of rainbow kitchen knives forever.

  • I’ll buy it from you OP, I have two house keys, a shed key, and an electrical fob that gets you into my parking lot. Plz fast trade +rep

  • If I ever get shanked, it better be with this sexy ass knife

  • Did it come with a side-quest?

  • Just looks like a regular anodized knife to me

  • That’s the ultra rare 1000-Degree Knife!

  • All the csgo bs aside it’s probably just a titanium knife

  • If that’s your bag check out r/mallninjashit for all your odd weapon needs.

  • r/counterstrike

  • GsGo lotto irl

  • Is it Stat-Trak?

  • I came in here expecting to see a CSGO reference. I got one.

  • It has been on fire.

  • If that was a karambit you could make some serious money on csgo

  • But is it 1000 degrees?

  • You can actually take High Carbon Steel Kitchen Knives and dip them in Pigs Blood, it causes similar staining to this, and it looks really cool

  • Its for killing unicorns. With the help of the dark arts the Rainbow was imprisoned in it. Cause evrrrybody know you can only kill a unicorn with a rainbow knife. Such vileness.

  • Unicorn slayer

  • Looks sharp …. bet [I could shave a spider’s arse if I wanted to](

  • Most people that comment in this post are cs go players/gamblers

  • Either heat did that or its simply made of titanium, either or.


  • r/mallninjastuff
    Edit: can’t remember the correct sub name…any help?
    Edit 2: r/mallninjashit

  • Looks like a CS:GO knife

  • I have a whole set of rainbow bladed knives like that.

  • Lovely patina.

  • It’s obviously been used to stab somebody with rainbow colored blood.

  • Just looks like it has been on fire.

  • Oh look ! a CS:GO skin 🙂

  • It’s for Gay Vampires.

  • Bruh that’s a beam sword from smash brothers

  • Does it track the number of chicken breasts you filet?

  • iamanas and the amazing technicolor kitchen knife

  • That’s a -1000° knife, archenemy of the 1000° knife.

  • I thought these were really common

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