This sliced bread wasn’t sliced

This sliced bread wasn’t sliced

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  • Alright. Mildly indeed.

  • Whole Bread? That’s the best thing since before sliced bread!

  • Cut it in half horizontally and make a giant hoagie out of it. Problem solved!

  • This was bought at a local discount food store, they got a shipment of it yesterday by accident and sold it at a discount

  • They sell unsliced loaves.

  • Does it say sliced on it? I am not seeing it.

  • “D’oh!”

  • Best thing since packaged bread!

  • “Some disassembly required”

  • r/mildlyinfuriating would be better…

  • That I would totally love. Bread is always too thin for garlic-cheese toast or avocado-pizza sauce-cheese toast.

  • >This sliced bread wasn’t sliced

    I think they just call that bread.

  • I have that same candle.

  • The best thing since before sliced bread

  • Get bamboozle insurance

  • That bread looks very soft 😮

  • Tbf, I’m not actually sure that is bread, where does OP live where that passes as such?

  • This will make one hell of a sandwich.

  • That’ll be a loaf

  • Sue them

  • Looks like you’re prepping a Yankee Candle sammich.

  • Always check the label man

  • Um… the bag is see through right?

  • I’m French. Technically it isn’t even bread.

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