• I recognize Red Robin art from anywhere!

  • finally, a use for white crayons.

  • You could use this portrait to make hundreds of kinda blurry reverse images copies of its self.

  • is “literally” necessary in the title? feels like “this portrait is only made from crayons” would be sufficient?

  • It seems as if you might be in a ‘Ripley’s Believe it or Not’ museum. Am I correct?

  • And it’s a Roy Lichtenstein knockoff

  • You could totally slice those crayons like 1/4″ long and make a dozen of these for the same materials cost. No wonder artists are typically starving.

  • She waxes

  • Why would you not use depth with these tools?

  • wew

  • Now melt it!

  • Probably came out better than a drawing using crayons in the traditional sense ever would

  • Don’t let the marines near it

  • Neat.

  • What’s up with the one white crayon with a pink spot in it?

  • > Portrait

    Why must you turn my office into a house of lies?

  • The top most upper left crayon is tan for no reason. Why, why I say why

  • That’s pretty cool but you’re not really going to be taken seriously as an artist if you’re still using crayons. I personally stopped using crayons in the 8th grade.

    If you’re ready to move on but want a non-traditional medium to try, high value artists are increasingly turning to [these.](http://i.imgur.com/4odBp2F.jpg) They are truly revolutionary.

  • *crowns

  • Dislike for the caption, so yeah…. feel bad

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