This packet of gloves has an odd number in it.

This packet of gloves has an odd number in it.

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  • This is great for my son who has 5 hands

  • Is it not 25 *pairs*?

  • Pretty sure that’s in a Lowes. Anyway, I use one glove all the time when I need better control of the other hand or awareness that there is something on my hand. Caulking, staining, stuff like that.

    It’s, ahem, odd.. that there’s 25 in a pack but it’s certainly not impractical.

  • It’s so you have to buy 2 packs to get an even number. Marketing genius at work.

  • Has nobody ever seen a medical professional with ONE glove on? Been to the dentist 3 times in the last 2 weeks and he’s used 3 gloves?

    I’m sure the same applies for nurses/docs/vets whatever.

    Plus 2% of the time I put a rubber glove on I blast a hole through somewhere accidentally. Not bad to have a spare.

  • Obviously the extra glove is for starting a [duel](

  • They know that an odd number of the gloves will split while you’re trying to put them on so…

  • just like the whole hotdog hotdog roll mismatch. you get 8 rolls per pack usually, but most hotdogs come in packs of 10.

    Looks like were getting 80 ‘dogs for the bbq yall!

  • That’s okay. On average, we have fewer than two hands each anyway.

  • They are so thin it won’t matter. I get boxes from another place and I’m never using just 2… I’ll always snag on something and need another, without fail.

  • You guys all acting like you’ve never had a glove rip or tear, and needed to get another one.

  • I wear one glove at a time when I’m working with raw poultry. This would let me do so 25 times.

  • 25 homemade fleshlights.

  • Leave ’em wanting more

  • It’s the Michael Jackson value pack.

  • Gee, that’s odd

  • It’s so OCD people have to buy 2

  • Clever way of selling twice as many packs

  • I feel like they do that so you have to buy another pack when you’re left with one glove. Or in case some rip.

  • The point behind these gloves is to have 12 people cover while the 13th person pretends to dance around like Michael Jackson to entertain them while they perform labor.

  • But is the last one a left or a right?

  • Except you have half a hand.

  • Last one is always to jerk it

  • For that eventual one-armed man

  • Two by two, hands of blue

  • 1 finger rectal exam series….

  • Its a marketing strategy to put two packs . But either way – its 25 pairs . Same thing in the medical office I work at

  • Makes sense to me. I’m right handed, so if it’s not when I want to keep my hands sterile; but say, to protect my dominant work-hand from paint or caustic chemicals when doing a DIY project, I often wear one glove.

  • Makes you have to buy the 50 glove pack.

  • One size fits none.

  • well you can only use it for one hand ^_^

  • 12 pairs and one for a homemade pocket pussy.

  • It’s a marketing tactic so you buy two.

  • Works great for me since I usually only wear one glove when working on my motorcycles.

  • I’ll use just one all the time

  • Nah, you ever reach in the box and there is only ONE glove left? Yeah. That’s actually just two balled up together and you just realized that those were used gloves and you probably touched some shit and piss covered gloves. FUCK don’t let anyone know. Geeze

  • Plot twist: buy another packet

  • Well those are left-handed gloves. You gotta buy a pack of righties as well.

  • I use the gorilla grip nitrile gloves at work often, come 100 to a box.
    There is always one time I grab a glove from the box and it rips before I put it on. Times like that make me wish the box had 101 or 99 gloves to begin with.

  • I work in Lowes, and the top number with the hashtag on it, is the item number.

  • I will admit that when I’m cleaning, I sometimes just put on one glove and don’t use the other hand for gross stuff.

  • it’s so you have to buy another packet in order to make use of that last glove.

    also fyi you don’t have to wear gloves on both hands. some tasks can be done one handed.

  • 3329?

  • Did you just assume number of hands?

  • Those are clearly for right hands. You gotta get the matching left hand gloves and that’ll make it 50.

  • r/mildlyinfuriating

  • /r/mildlyinfuriating

  • “25 is still a number that makes sens-.. Wait”

  • This is single handedly, the best post on here.

  • Probably staying ahead of the Political Correctness game so that they don’t discriminate against people with one hand

  • Buy two packs.

  • There’s 25 gloves in the bag genius..

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