This old building has been halfway remodeled to modern

This old building has been halfway remodeled to modern

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  • When you add a new gpu to your old ass pc.

  • University of what smetology?

  • The current trend is to remove the 1960s cladding and return to the brickwork. Any chance this is going the other direction?

  • The University of Cosmetology is getting a facelift.

  • They are not remodeling to modern. They are taking off the ugly as sin panels to expose the brick beneath. Grand Rapids has been doing this with quite a few of their buildings!

  • Why the fuck would they do that? Ugly shoeboxes on every corner is our future…

  • Very sad, but I do love the contrast!

  • This building is actually being restored to it’s original state from the early days the modern part at the top is what’s left of the remodel from the 80s. It is located in downtown Grand rapids Michigan and yes it did house a cosmetology University at one time.

  • They do this in my city quite a bit. Looks better than that though.

  • The city if halifax is like this in parts too since there are heritage sites that can’t alter the architecture so they have to build on the already existing structure. When most of the places in the area do that its kinda cool but unfortunately the spread of buildings is large so you don’t get that feel everywhere.

  • I imagine for the history. I don’t know what the building is going to be used for. It used to be partly a T.G.I. Friday’s. With the look of the rest of the city, the brick fits the atmosphere.

  • When you run out of wrapping paper halfway through…

  • Reminds me of the Residences of Soda Sopa.

  • Got its hair done.

  • Looked better before

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