• Ginyu really committed to his training.

  • Best use of modding in a long time!

  • When Kermit wins, does he say,”Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Shenron, the Eternal Dragon! YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!” and then do that wavy arm thing as he backs out of frame?

  • Which dbz game is this, i like it even without the kermit.

  • Dendae looking a bit different here. I wish developers would stick to the source material.

  • *Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether they could, they never stopped to consider if they should.*

  • Kermit Voice;

    “Pls stop, I’m about to get agitated here.”

    Kermit Voice again;



  • Kermit should really be doing the head up “hooray!” arm flail for his combos.

  • For those asking, here’s a link to the mod: https://xenoversemods.com/mods/kermit-the-frog/

  • What in the fuck….

  • Kermit-hameha!

  • This is too beautiful not to upvote.

  • Found the [source!](https://youtu.be/GLhbYhLyeVA) It’s better with the music imo.

  • Final Muppet News Flash!

  • *Summoning joel*

  • Now make Miss Piggy Majin Buu.

  • Didn’t know Jordan Peterson was in the new DBZ game.

  • That’s not even his ultimate form.

    Super Kermi Guru.

  • I keep watching this loop and it just gets better and better.

  • Kermit Kombat

  • I love the flailing kick thing he does

  • SSJ Kermit has a power beyond a God’s understanding. What does he choose to use this for? He fucks shit up goooood.

  • Is this the new battletoads? I should probably call GameStop and preorder it!

  • Oh shit

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