This kit-kat bar I ate today didn’t have any wafer in it

This kit-kat bar I ate today didn’t have any wafer in it

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  • It’s your punishment for biting into the kitkat like that you heathen

  • You monster, who just bites into a full kit kat like that?

  • So, does that make that a kit kit bar or a kat kat bar?

  • I noticed you Hyphenated Kit Kat. Are you a victim of the Mandela Effect? It’s never been Kit-Kat. Welcome to my universe.

  • So, if it’s wafer and chocolate, one part is the kit and the other part is the kat.

    But WHICH ?!! I must know! WHAT IS THE FORMULA!

  • That’s what you get for eating it like that! Your momma raised you better than that, you heathen!

  • Why didn’t you spilt it first you monster

  • I want to know who THE FUCK you think you are eating a kit Kat without sepperating the halves first

  • So, a kat. You ate a kat.

  • what kind of person doesn’t split it first

  • Somebody call the police

  • Sue them.

  • I split my kit-kats before I open package to avoid getting my hands messy

  • Dammit. The Left Twix Factory fucked things up again.

  • That’s what you get for eating it wrong

  • That’s a keeper!

  • This picture is a fucking train wreck.


  • That’s karma for not breaking it apart first like a civilized human being

  • Fuck is wrong with you. Mad

  • Gimme a break.

  • You deserve the no wafer because you tried eating it like a mong.

  • Should have posted this in the mildly infuriating sub because by the way the way you eating it.

  • Call Nestle and complain

  • thats dissapointing but at the same time makes for good online karma

  • Take it back to the factory, and while you’re at it, ask for the [some letters.](

  • I’ve seen this before

  • You don’t deserve a wafer judging by the way you eat them

  • You fucking animal.

  • Why are you eating your kit-kat like a savage?

  • Gimme a break.

  • I would call that a happy accident.

  • You deserve it for biting into it like a savage

  • Pitiful, you don’t deserve the wafer with that kind of bite.

  • Oohh I haven’t had a kit kat in ages.

  • Give me a break. Give me a break. Break me off a piece of that WHAT. THE. FUCK!

  • Sue

  • What is this sorcery?!

  • Oh, gimme a break

  • Same thing happened to a friend of mine – she contacted kitkat and they sent her a box in apology

  • r/mildyinfuriating

  • This should be on r/mildly infuriating

  • I guess the wafer guy at the plant had a break

  • The filling in a KitKat is made from recycled reject KitKats. So maybe they only made perfect kitkats that day.

  • That must be from a starter batch of kit kats. I learned that the yummi goodness between the wafers is the remnants of other kit kats. So at some point, there were kit kats without wafers and yummi goodness.

  • Trivia: For a long-ass time, the all time top submission here was a Kit Kat (maybe chunky) without a wafer.

  • Didnt a woman file a lawsuit against Nestle for this?

  • I think it’s just a bar of chocolate now. Not really sure you can call it a twix with no waffle in it.

  • r/horriblydepressing

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