This is where I imprison those who’ve crossed me

This is where I imprison those who’ve crossed me

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  • Teen Titans!

  • This is in Ponce, Puerto Rico

  • Stardestroyer bridge section

  • I know it probably isn’t, but that really looks like a person jumping to their death about halfway down on the left side.

  • Man the Titans have really let there base go.


  • punny, I like it

  • Teen titans tower during the regime

  • YES!!!! Ive been browsing reddit for almost 6 years and finally something from my hometown makes it to the front page.

    That is the “Cruz del Vigia” in Ponce Puerto Rico.

    [Heres more info if interested](

  • Titans tower???

  • Teen titans, go!

  • How does a building like that cost only 650k??? I build metal buildings that cost a third of that and they are nowhere close to as complex.

  • Is it the Teen Titans tower?

  • The new Justice album looks kick-ass

  • I saw this and was pretty sure it was the one in ponce, i went in like ten years ago. There is a cool mansion right below where they have that.

  • Look at the cross from Valle de los Caidos. Built by prisoners of war for Franco after the Spanish civil war, with those same workers being interred inside the walls as they died.

    The cathedral is just eerie and the cross is pretty impressive.

  • u/jesuschrist

  • Kinda looks like The Tower in Destiny.

  • r/titleporn

  • The terrible tower of badum’tiss

  • Best accidental pun ever😂

  • When theres trouble you know who to call

  • Outtakes from Rogue One

  • Is that a missile about to hit it or a flying person on the left?

  • What’s that in the air to the left?

  • This is the center of a panopticon.

  • So this is where jerry is staying. Where are the hookers and feral dogs though?

  • Feel good Inc?

  • I don’t know. It gives me a sort of Doofensmirtz vibe. I mean I expect an inator to come out as some sort of plan to take over the tri-state area.

  • This is the first time I’ve actually visited one of our evil buildings

  • I know about teen titans, but was there not a building in kill la kill like this?

  • Thought this was the teen titans building

  • Titans….Go???

  • You liar! Thats the Teen Titans building!

  • Looks like the bridge of a star destroyer

  • Are you Pontius Pilate’s great great great great great great grandson?

  • It’s not big enough..

  • I think I just watched a old Dolph Lundgren movie silent trigger with it in there

  • How is this evil? This building is owned by the Teen Titans, the exact opposite of evil.

  • Looks like a t Square

  • Looks like a submarine just broke through ice sheet. [](

  • Damn thing is closed whenever we showed up as tourists.

  • Haha I get it.

  • You imprison people who’ve crossed you?

  • Alcatraz sure was weird lol

  • nah bro that’s Titan Tower

  • Shit it’s Azkaban, I knew Harry Potter was real and you can’t prove me wrong now!

  • …in a submarine?

    I gotta admit, that’s a really cool idea for a secret prison/ supervillain lair.

  • Even comes with sky cells, nice.

  • Ponce,Puerto Rico 💪🏽🇵🇷

  • Christ

  • CROSSed me

  • Downvote the pun.

  • its rather lovely, /r/brutalism

  • It looks like the thing from Thor the dark world

  • HaHa I’ve got an original thought that’ll get me top comment for sure!

    Literally every comment is that thought

  • Guardians, we MUST protect the Escape Shuttles at all costs. Let no Red Legion through!

  • Wtf is that on the left??

  • I’ve been up there a couple of times, it doesn’t look that evil in person.

  • I get it, “those who’ve crossed me” is because the building is a giant lowercase “t” like the “t” in traitor

  • Looks like Morgan Yu elected to crash that space station after all!

  • Omg and the building is a cross as well

  • …he said unironically.

  • I’m beginning to think Wolfwood is compensating for something

  • “…and here, kids, is where the anti-Christ hatches his evil schemes!”

  • This crap is in Ponce, Puerto Rico. It is called the Cruceta del Vigía.

  • Titan Tower looks really rundown these days, guess that’s what they get for ending the old show

  • In Titan Tower?

  • Baddum tsss! 🙂

  • I’m too late to say “TEEN TITANS” early enough to be edgy. T for “TRUMP TOWER” AYEEE

  • Looks big enough to cross some kind of giant monster….. just need some sort of spear to keep it from escaping

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