This is my families one-eyed Bengal, Wink.

This is my families one-eyed Bengal, Wink.

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  • Oh what a face! He’s beautiful. Do you think the one-eye makes him any less energetic than your average bengal because of caution, or does he get along just fine?

    EDIT: Cat’s a dude lol.

  • Upvote for her name.

  • I imagine he has a deep voice and a story to tell.

    “What do you know about fear?”

  • What a handsome fellow. Enjoy and love.

  • I’ll be honest.
    When scrolling, I thought it said his name was Wank.
    And all I could think was, “I guess it actually does cause you to go blind.”

  • Respect for having a one eyed cat 🙂

  • You commented on the last Bengal Tiger that I saw on /all and I was thinking to myself what a shame I didn’t know what Wink looked like. Imagine my delight this morning!

  • I have a [one-eyed kitty]( too 🙂

  • Pls give this little sweetheart much love and many chin scratches from Ouija <3

  • Serious question, how is he with climbing and ledges? I’m just curious if he still manages to determine depth as well as a two eyed cat with simple instincts or if he occasionally gets caught out?

  • He looks sad.

  • captain cat-sparrow

  • Beautiful cat, I’m sure he doesn’t let that one eye hold him back though. Do you notice a lack of depth perception?

  • Wink, you are the best.

  • Park? Park? Did someone say park? We’re going to the park? I love the park!

    [Tail wagging intensifies]

  • He needs a googly eye. You know where it goes.

  • i love keeping an eye out for cute kitties like these, awww

  • Google “winkypussy”

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