• Eyes…. how??

  • Proper Disney eyes.

  • http://imgur.com/qEjCtCr
    This is my brothers cat, also named misty!! Thought he had become a redditor for a brief moment!

  • Are you sure she’s a cat? Those eyes!

  • “And I am sooooooo CUTE!” And she is cute. I’m a little jealous (but don’t tell any of our cats please!

  • Those eyes are staring into my soul

  • Those eyes have to be photoshopped. There’s no way they can be that cute.

  • ive never seen eyes like that…wow

  • One of our three kitties loved playing with qtips, until the little idiot tried to eat one. No more playing with qtips for him.

  • …and LSD

  • Those eyes are…. real… right?

  • Haha those eye’s :-p

  • Wasn’t she Miss July in PlayCat magazine?

  • And long romantic walks on the beach…

  • A beauty and one who enjoys many things.

  • DefCon-1 eyes.

  • Someone been having too much catnip

  • That cat is high

  • i love her

  • Well to be fair who doesn’t appreciate playing with q-tips?

  • This is some Shrek 2, Puss in Boots level shit.

  • This cat is the spirit animal of Jon Rettinger from TechnoBuffalo

  • So cute, I forgive her for stealing my soul with those hollow, hollow eyes.

  • What kind of kitty is this? It looks like Disney bred a cat!!!

  • Sounds like you need to clean your house. 😅

  • What’s wrong with it’s face?

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