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  • Prime minister

  • He hasn’t made a whole lot of progress on his promises,…. sold a bunch of weapons to Saudi while claiming to be a feminist and also is doing his best to monopolize the cannabis industry for his cronies. But hey hey looks good in self-esteem RIGHT?

  • https://trudeaumetre.polimeter.org

    Wonder if Trump has one.

  • Hitler had a similar shot.

  • [This is how you president – the American way!!!](https://gfycat.com/JovialPointedHadrosaurus)

  • Isn’t he Prime Ministering? Not that he’s doing it particularly well, but that’s another matter.

  • By being a *normal* human… what a revelation!

  • As long as people understand that Canada doesn’t have a president…..

  • He failed his one purpose which was to legalize weed. The crypto-Castro offspring needs to die off before China owns Canada.

  • The American way, Trump will be surrounded by hot women with his tiny hands grabbing boobs and pussy.

  • Trump is much better looking.

  • Make Canada Great Again. (Red-Plaid Hat w/ Ear Flaps)

  • If this were a hockey game, you would get a penalty for instigating.

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