This is Boo’s “behaving pose.”

This is Boo’s “behaving pose.”

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  • Why in the world are his claws painted..

  • Bengal right? Our boy looks similar to him.

  • “See, I’m not doing anything [for now].”

  • I just trim their claws and it’s all fine. Never tried that ! The cat is nto bothered by it? I guess it’s easier if you start young.
    Who declaws tho? That’s so stupid.

  • Aww that’s my cat’s name, too.

  • boo looks like he was waiting for me to come home at 8 pm so we could have dinner together but i actually came home midnight.
    he asks, “where have you been?”

  • Look, dad, I’m being have!

  • The blanket fits so well

  • “Put your hands where I can see them!”

  • Oh. Mah. Gahd.

    I need him.

  • Lordy.. those nails.

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