This good boy ran in front of my car and was almost demolished. My sister and I chased him down for 2 hours and later learned he was intentionally abandoned. Luckily that same night we had dinner with a woman whose Pit had just passed. She fell in love with this guy and took him home. Meet Buddy.

This good boy ran in front of my car and was almost demolished. My sister and I chased him down for 2 hours and later learned he was intentionally abandoned. Luckily that same night we had dinner with a woman whose Pit had just passed. She fell in love with this guy and took him home. Meet Buddy.

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  • Ohmygoodness those ears! So adorable 😍 I love Buddy! Thanks for helping him out, seems like an easy 10/10 good boy

  • I’ve never seen a pit with pointy standup ears and I think I’m in love now…😭

  • Had this happen recently to me. I saw a pit girl get hit near my house so i took her to vet and luckily no broken bones just a messed up foot. Had her for two months before i found a good home for her. Such a sweet girl but my corgi didnt get along with her

  • Finding himself a new human, the extreme way!

  • This story made me happy. I hope they make each other happy

  • He’s beautiful and this is great, but it’s kinda funny how in these photos he looks progressively sadder. We know that’s not the case though. Great job!

  • That’s a really nice story but I am super concerned that the dog told you it was intentionally abandoned. Is it available for an AMA?

  • Thank you so much for protecting him. Also, I’m so glad to see a Pit (even though he does look like a mix) without cropped ears. DON’T CROP YOUR DOG’S EARS. DON’T DECLAW YOUR CATS. Thank you.



  • I like you. I think a lot of people would’ve probably just kept driving. Thank you for saving this good boy.

  • Has the same ears as my Pitty. Pepper is 3 years old but her ears never fell over!

  • what a sweet doggo!

    Thank you for stopping! Our pibble did a runner the other day and someone saw him and took pictures of him running around to post to facebook, but didn’t stop. Thankfully someone else stopped and took him to their vet (he wasn’t hurt, thank goodness) so that they could call us. I was terrified that he’d get all smashed in the street, or on the train tracks that we live near.

    people who will actually stop and try to help a lost dog are the very best kinds of people.

  • Gorgeous dog! 😍

  • Well, that’s a hell of bunch of work!! Thank you for putting in the effort.

  • Awww he looks really cute

  • You wonderful human being! Such a sweet pup. Well done!

  • Aww I rescued an intentionally abandoned pit named Buddy in Oregon a few years ago! He was wandering around a campground we were in, and we decided to drive him back to WA, and found a home for him. Such a rewarding experience. Go you!

    Edit: link added

  • Nice set of radar’s he’s got there.

  • Pharoah pit! Nice to meet you your Highness!

  • I wanna scritch those ears until my hands are too tired to scritch them anymore

  • Very noble thing you and your sister did. Fuck those people who get animals and abandon them. They should be charged.

  • How did you learn his abandonment was intentional?

  • Wooow he’s so handsome =u=


  • You did good. And you should feel good

  • [He looks just like my girl… ](

  • Is he part corgi??? Those ears!

  • Those ears are out of control

  • Looks exactly like my pit except she has long fluffy hair 😍 adorable

  • That top right pic just screams “not a model” but rly he is one. So cute.

  • I love him. Thanks for saving him!

  • Buddy looks like a trouble making derp. More than that, he looks like a good boi.

  • I’m so glad you didn’t just NOT hit him, you found him a loving home too!
    Thanks OP! Beautiful dog.

  • His ears are so beautiful! What a good looking dog, I can’t believe some people!

  • Lookin so fancy in that last pic!

  • Awww. Good job for going after him!! So happy he has a safe & loving home now!! Those ears!! Too cute 🙂

  • “demolished” seems a bit uhh extreme

  • Wow what a beauty!

  • Serendipitous goodboy

  • He is beautiful! Thank you for taking care of him. The world needs more people like you and your sister.

  • That makes me so haaaapppyyy😭😭😭😭

  • His ears. OMG his EARS. Thank you for helping him find someone worthy of him. People like you make the world a little brighter!

  • The ears! I just wanna tug on them and give him smooches. I’m so glad he found a home!

  • Welcome to your new life, new Mom and new home, Buddy!! You are going to be loved, played with, adored and fed the rest of your days. Keep Momma and her house safe and be the best dog you can possibly be.

  • Who could abandon those ears? Looks like such a good dog.

  • Beautiful story, glorious outcome, cute dog with a new human. You’re quality people, OP

  • That is a fucking awesome story. Good on you and your sister!

  • OMG THOSE EARSSSSS. You’re all amazing people for giving this beautiful pupper a chance at a great life!

  • He’s so beautiful. Props to you guys for rescuing him and sending him to a great home full of love and compassion.


  • You are the best kind of people, I like you 🙂

  • pretty pupper 😍

  • How did you learn he was intentionally abondoned?

  • I really love those happy ears.

  • How did you find how he was. As abandoned?

  • What a turn around for him!

  • Hi, Buddy! Are you an elf?

  • nice

  • The pic didn’t load so i thought it was a kid, and some woman just lost her dog so she just takes some child they almost ran over.

  • Those ears!!! So adorable

  • Third picture, “I don’t need that old owner, he was a dick anyway, I got it made now…”

  • Why do people just abandon animals like this? I can’t fathom what they’re thinking that leads to them being ok with it.

  • [My good boy is fawning over those ears!](

  • He reminds me of a pit/Australian cattle dog mix.

  • He is extremely handsome. I’m in love with his ears, so naturally pointy!

  • Today was not a good day for me to read about someone abandoning their dog…

    I’ve seen it happen once and i won’t forget watching that dog chase after it’s owner in the car while i chased him. I hope he found the right family.

  • Was this in NJ? At Five Points? My daughter was traveling in someone else’s car and saw a grey and white pit being abandoned. The people whose car she was in wouldn’t stop so she called me and I️ called the state police to have someone look for the dog.

  • Fate!! And I hope whoever abandoned him feels the same kind of fear and loneliness for the rest of their life.

  • Glad that good boy ended up with a good owner! It’s a good boy miracle!

  • Those eyes! Those ears!

  • He reminds me of a pit/Australian cattle dog mix.

  • I’m in love with those ears, they are so cute.

  • Don’t tell me to get off the bed, Sharon. This is MY bed…

  • r/thathappened

  • It’s a pit bull. I would have ignored it. They’re dangerous.

  • S U I C I D A L B O Y E

  • Should have turned it into road spam.

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