This fungus looks like a chocolate covered donut…

This fungus looks like a chocolate covered donut…

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  • You could pluck that and put it on a shelf at Dunkin’ Donuts.

    Call it the jalepeno chocolate bagel.

    It’ll be trending within hours.

    But it might kill people.

  • Nature is adapting

  • That fly on the left sure seems to like it.

  • I admit I’m curious what it tastes like.

  • I’m not a mushroom expert by any means, but this looks like a Sillius species, the common name is Slippery Jack. If I remember correctly “most” are harmless but not considered edible because they are extremely slimy.

  • I’d eat it but I don’t have mush room in my belly.

  • plot twist: it **is** a chocolate donut

  • That looks delicious! How awesome would the world be if chocolate covered donuts grew out of the ground? Truly there would be peace on earth.

  • Tastes like it, tooooooooooooo… Everything melting for you guys, too?

  • /r/mycology !

  • I’m failing at reddit this morning.

  • MMMM Donut

  • “Mmm, forbidden donut.”

  • They‘re evolving!

  • Looks like a Boletus aereus. Or some other kind of bolete.

  • Ok Reddit, how horrible of a death would this be?

  • “If it looks good, eat it.” ~Andrew Zimmern

  • Actually, it is a chocolate covered donut that looks like a fungus.

  • Be careful.

    This is how it all started with Hansel and Gretel.

  • I could see this being in a Simpsons episode.

  • Nature has to try new camouflage techniques to blend in these days

  • The more I look at it, the more it looks like Photoshop

  • Anyone know mushrooms and can tell us if this is actually edible or quite dangerous to eat.

  • Bee on the left is into it

  • Ahhh yes, a fresh organic donut. Can’t find good food like this anymore.

  • 10/10 would eat

  • *(Jeff Goldblum voice)*
    We’ve been stepping on them for years. You didn’t think they would find a way to fight back?

  • They’re learning…

  • I get pink mushrooms with chocolate covered tips on them in my yard. Anyone know what they might be and if they are poisonous or not?

  • No it doesn’t.

  • No it does not.

  • Looks like the stuff from Prometheus

  • Mmmmmmm doooonuts

  • Mmm donut..

  • But what does it taste like?

  • Look at that fucking mosquito. I hope he dies.

  • Its edible

  • I bet it will kill you if you touched it

  • Chocolate covered shroom

  • EAT IT

  • Wonder if that top part is actually gooey…

  • Mmmmmm fungus

  • God! Where have you been buying your donuts?

  • Eat it

  • Donut Eat It

  • Well- off to Tim Hortons!!!

  • I bet it smells like doodoo irl.

  • It is. Eat it.

  • Evolution at its finest

  • Eat it!

  • Looks more like a chocolate covered fungus to me :/

  • At first I thought someone shit on it.

  • Eat it!

  • Delicious yet poiseness, i think.

  • It looks fuck all like a chocolate doughnut.

  • Really? You went through the trouble of putting icing on a mushroom for internet points?

  • Mushrooms are fucking creepy

  • As someone who browses /r/mycology , I’d guess this is some kind of bolete or suillus genus (based on the pine needles and slimy cap combo edit, but this specimen lacks glandular dots). A spore print, rough location in the US, and knowledge of the trees it was growing near would probably be enough to give a pretty good guess.

  • Eat it

  • Chocolate covered days-old half grapefruit

  • Under this tree, I think I struck the mother load. Those are nature’s best mushrooms. Wild, and I have to say these little buggers are damn tasty as well.

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