This f*#$!^ng mug

This f*#$!^ng mug

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  • F∩CK!

  • For some reason I like it better… “Hey guys, look at my stupid Fuck Fail Mug.”

  • I’d feel pretty uncomfortable lifting that mug, seems like those handles would snap off.

  • Bad luck. [Mine is printed correctly](

  • Just flip it over! …. oh wait.

  • i would demand a refund

  • Should have payed the couple of bucks more for the uncensored one.

  • Fncking*

  • Well fack!

  • Perfect cup for drinking covfefe.

  • I guess that mug made you say FUCK when you got it

  • That’s FNCKed up.

  • /r/NotMyJob

  • Hahhha well that sucks

  • Draw a narrow U and make it Funk

  • I can’t decide if this was on purpose to fnck with people or just a glorious error

  • Was thinking “oh great, another poorly disguised marketing post for some junk on Amazon.”

    Am stupid.

  • Bought my ex this exact mug except it said “dick” and the D was the handle.

  • /r/comedycemetary

  • Why do people like edgy coffee mugs?

  • /r/onejob

  • Looks like the C and K are upside down too

  • Well…..FUCK

  • I guess you could say……
    It’s fucking retarded

  • Guarantee that handle breaks or chips in less than a year.

  • Stupid F∩cking M∩g anyway

  • I’d be so fncking plssed if I got that mug.

  • Why the F∩CK! would they do that? This demands a ref∩nd

  • they totally need to make one with a round handle that says cuck. someone would buy that shit

  • Well… fuck.

    Oh I see what you did there!

  • I think it was intentional and meta AF to have a mug like that.

  • /r/onejob

  • *opens box* 😃

    *pulls out cup* 😐

    F∩CK! 😲

    This is fine 🙃

  • They screwed U

  • Funky.

  • ┴ɥᴉs F*#$¡^uƃ ɯnƃ

  • The mug has been censored

  • Perfect

  • r/mildlyinfuriating

  • /r/notmyjob

  • Close enough

  • You had one job.

  • Literally…

  • They had literally one job to do and they failed at it entirely. One job.

  • This belongs to r/crappydesign as well.

  • They literally had one job

  • You got fucked over

  • r/notmyjob

  • FACK IT!

  • They fucked it up didn’t they

  • This mug will Fuck U Up

  • Well Fnck

  • OP is a mugfucker.

  • Honestly it bothers me more that the text is printed way too high up on the mug.

  • Still accurate.

  • Where did you buy this Fu!”;ing Mug!!!!!!!

  • CUCK

  • I think they did this fail on purpose, because someone natural reaction might be to turn the mug over so they can read it correctly, even though it’s one letter and they know what it is. So I think that’s why it’s called the “fuck” mug. Because you put it upside down to read it and then all the liquid in the mug spills on you and then you yell “fuck”…

  • That’s fncking hilarious.

  • wow i love funk

  • Fack

  • It just says “Funk” yet spelled in an interesting manner.

  • ♋╒╚╛©Ⱪ ♋

  • r/muglife would enjoy this

  • Shane dawson anyone?

  • What an awful piece of shit

  • Seems like it works either way. If it’s upside down you just poured hot coffee on your junk and now “Fuck” is right side up.

  • We got the Fnck,
    Gotta have that Fnck, owww

  • r/crappydesign

  • You’ve been T(rolled)

  • You had one f*cking job.


  • /r/onejob

  • sh!t happens when you order something from a chinese webshop

  • I actually like that more than the original design.

  • r/crappydesign

  • Well fnck.

  • Fncksakes

  • U had one job!

  • If you turn it upside down it says duck backwards 🙂

  • Ya had one job!

  • It’s got the funk

  • I was expecting comments to be nothing but the single word reply:


  • You’re the mug m8

  • That bullshit! I can’t believe they didn’t include the spoon.

  • The upside down “U” could be a middle finger from the person who made it.

  • It’s fucking perfect!

  • Where’d you buy this OP? Gotta get a birthday gift

  • FK in the coffee

  • I guess you could say they F∩CKED it up

  • I guess you could say they really fucked it up

  • You need to drink it in front of a mirror. Oh and upside down…

  • I want it to be intentional

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