This fence can’t stop all the love

This fence can’t stop all the love

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  • Tear down that wall

  • I think I’ve seen this post every week now

  • This is the sweetest thing.

    Also do we have any people who have huskies in the tropics? How do they manage?

  • This repost can

  • I feel like I’ve seen this picture more times than I can count, the repost is real.

  • At least we can hug and communicate.

  • Repost of a repost of a repost of a repost of a repost and I think that’s just today.

  • 3,500+ upvotes, only 23 comments, deleted user…


  • If only the fence could stop reposts.

  • Repost

  • Man, I really cried the first time I saw this post. And the second. And the third. Funnily enough, I didn’t cry this time

  • Nice repost.

  • Is that in Singapore??

  • wee bit of tail blur on the lab.

  • So cute!!

  • [removed]

  • Reeeeee post

  • Sometimes, they fall for the good boys

  • This is what true love looks like

  • the repost is real.

  • Is deleted the username

  • Killing me here.. killing me. These things are too sugary, need to put some soy sauce in my coffee now.

  • Ruhrohmeo and Juliet

    I’ve been drinking

  • Luisa, our fathers built this wall to prevent our love!

    “Tryyyyyy to remember…”

  • I will always love you, Rose!

  • Should definitely post it to r/photoshopbattles

  • Hahahaaha! How cuuuute

  • Tell that to Mr. Trump

  • Don’t let all that cuteness fool you, they’re planning something

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