• Maybe I’m becoming an old man, but this just feels mean.

  • I don’t like goatees but they don’t require such an insult.

  • Theyre married, so thats good

  • lol’d at ‘the infant’

  • I don’t see anything trashy here besides the ankle monitor. They even have bottled water and the kid looks happy/well fed…

  • That baby is very cute.

  • Idk what it is about this whole “straight-down” haircut but I see it all the time and it looks awful.

  • This is the sort of post that really turns me off to this sub. Christ, at least blur their faces! This is bullying at its best and shouldn’t be allowed. Are these your neighbors, OP?

  • You forgot about the Crocs on Dad.

  • What’s up with the moms toes?

  • You know there’s Mt Dew in that cup.

  • More like a cankle monitor

  • Dont forget the crocs on the nozzle!

  • Missing a can of pbrs and a pyramid of empties, presumably in front of the infant

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