This Evolution X, so pretty..

This Evolution X, so pretty..

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  • Chrome rims that seem too small and way too low, not to mention the stretched tires. Those 3 kill what is otherwise a good looking car

  • Put it back to a functional ride height and get some track wheels. We might be able to agree

  • Get rid of those 2fast2furious rims and give that poor bastard some height and I won’t hate it

  • I absolutely do not share your taste in what constitutes a nice car.

  • Sorry for hijacking your post. I have an evo X. Its like this one in most ways but it doesnt have the “fast and furious” wheels and ride height these guys are trashing on. I have to agree. These cars are badass in almost every way but those mods are untasty. But thanks for pointing out the beauty of the evo culture.

    My proof:

  • Gross wheel fitment / stance

  • It’s been “white trashed”

  • Hellaretarded

  • Lmao so this sub is now “awesomcarmodsTHATILIKE”

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