This boats name.

This boats name.

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  • I seriously may be dyslexic. I read Dean Koontz the first three times I read it and couldn’t figure out what the joke was.

  • That’s a good one, right up there with “Yeah Buoy!”

  • /r/furry_irl

  • I’ve seen that! Beautiful lake! Best part of Idaho in my opinion

  • we also would have excepted Deez Nautz

  • They name a boat that on last man on earth

  • My friend named his boat “CHUM GUZZLER”. I died laughing when I saw it for real.

  • Straight outta last man on earth.

  • Ha Ha! Got eee!

  • Oh god that’s old

  • Repost to /r/sailing for more karma

  • /r/furry_irl

  • Sea Ray is a fairly common name.

  • I work in a rip saw plant. The boards go down slides to be stacked and people write on them. Someone wrote “deez knots” because we take out boards with knots in them.

  • [deleted]

  • * boat’s name

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