These waves

These waves

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  • I’m putting this here for the time being to give credit to the photographer of this photo, Jason Fenmore.

    [His Instagram is @ohdagyo.](

    His Instagram profile states that he does not want his work to be reposted without proper credit, which is understandable and respectable, so I am taking the liberty for OP in providing that credit. I reached out to Jason via Instagram asking if he would like the submission removed. I will keep or remove the submission based on his response.

    Cheers all.

    **Edit: He replied back. He’s cool with it being up.** 🤙

  • I’d happily drown in that.

  • It almost looks like glass.

  • Ocean confirmed wavy 🌊🌊

  • Literally not a single spot of white water

  • I wanna lick it.

  • Source: @ohdagyo on Instagram who states in his profile, “you may not repost my photos without credit.”

  • Wave. Singular.

  • Looks like a scooped out jello dish.

  • It’s a camera effect

  • r/vaporwaveaesthetics

  • u/waterguy12 would love this

  • If you want water that’s “glassy” like this, you have to go at the buttcrack of dawn, where there is no wind.

  • A row of T-1000’s taking shape

  • This needs to be a wallpaper

  • The power spectral density of the eddies in a large wave extend across a greater range of wavelengths than a smaller wave. The smallest ripples in this wave are not that much smaller than the largest scale which is the wave itself. That is how you can tell when a flood scene in a movie (old school effects, not good CG) look fake – the waves look unnaturally smooth. Large waves can’t be smooth bc momentum effects dominate viscosity. So it’s a small wave up very close.

  • reminds me of terminator 2

  • brb… Gotta go watch The Abyss.

  • If I remember correctly, the photographs of these waves are completely real, however, it is a trick to our eyes. As these waves are literally only an inch or two tall but photographed extremely close up for this effect. I’ll edit an update when I find the artist

    A similar atrist here:

  • How it is done?

    Very fast shutterspeed

  • Is this Clark Little?

  • r/photoshop

  • “Heavy breathing”

  • That’s T1000

  • This is what we call glassy when the water is calm and mirrorlike. I remember my dad taking me out in the early morning to go surfing for days like these.

    Theses waves however are even more so than usual though obviously, can’t tell how big they are 😮


  • Chrome

  • Wave.

    That’s a wave.

    Not waves.



    As in one wave.

    If this is waves, then any single wave becomes waves. And there can be no singular wave.

    I don’t think you understand what you’ve done.

  • Holy fuck there tidy Waves🌊🌊🌊

  • Who started the terminator reruns again?

  • How did he capture that?

  • Its like smooth, shiny metal. It reminds me of the shapeshifting vilkian in Terminator 2.

  • Those waves look blessed, could they perhaps be from down in Africa?

  • *This wave

  • Noice.

  • Go on when close my eyes eh eh eyes! Every second of the night I surf another life

  • Would make a great phone background

  • Looks like gallium

  • This made me feel thirsty.

  • That is crazy. When in Mexico on LSD, it’s exactly how they looked: oily, molten metal, T-1000-like beautiful waves.

  • r/vaporWAVE

  • My favorite time of day!

  • r/oilysatisfying

  • Looks like the cover of an 80’s CD

  • Like someone turned the sea to glass.

  • Crystal clear

  • Reminds me of the work of [Sean Gravem](

  • Looks like some grade A stock photos that you could find on literally every computer ever.

    As in, It’s good enough.

  • Mesmerising😍

  • Thirsty right now. This made it 20 times worse.

  • Dark Souls 2…

  • Haters will say it’s Photoshop

  • Thank you. Let me inhale it.

  • Is this legit or simulated?

  • Looks like a Clark Little photo.

  • Reminds me of butter idk why

  • Kanye would be proud

  • This*?

  • Liquid waves

  • FYI this makes a great wallpaper.[link](

  • wavves

  • This look extremely photoshopped.

  • How big?

  • Those could be tracings

  • Confirmed wavy

  • If I could freeze time, I would just lay on that. And probably lick it too.

  • And now why we don’t have something like that with our eyes. :/

  • this is a pretty picture..

  • This reminds me of the movie Other Life on Netflix.

  • Cop from terminator 2 rises

  • Is this a tiny wave that looks like a big wave thx bye

  • r/VaporwaveAesthetics

  • this is the wateriest water i’ve ever seen

  • /r/verysatisfying

  • Thought this was CGI for a second.

  • 😮😮😮

  • WHAT even

  • Chaos about to fuck up Station Square

  • Glassy…

  • So many peaks on one wave, looks like a painting my favorite views.

  • It looks crisp

  • This isn’t oddly satisfying… This is aesthetically pleasing.

  • Oshiiiiiii

  • Looking for John Connor ?

  • Can somebody photoshop out that cliff thing in the background?

  • Silver surfer was here

  • Reminds me of jelly jump

  • Looked like glass clothes hangers at first and I was even more impressed with that image in my head I think

  • That water looks like glass

  • what is this, a simulation of real life or something /s

  • I thought it was a painting @ my first sight. is anybody can say what is this, I mean water or something else?

  • The water looks wet.

  • …it’s just one wave??

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