There’s saves, and then there is saves

There’s saves, and then there is saves

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  • I’m guessing he got passed by everyone but the crowd went nuts-est for him.

    That was fantastic

  • *”I guess I’m a sidecar now.”*

  • Street Rossi’s take note:

    That’s the new definition of knee-down.

  • What? You can only get one knee down?

  • are*

  • “Shhh, babe, what’s got you spooked? Calm down, it’s alright, daddy’s right here…”

  • How did he not completely wash out in the grass? Like there’s even a moment where it begins to but somehow the wheel grew claws and dug into the dirt to recover.

  • If that were me the rest of the riders would have wiped out on the shit stain I left behind me.

  • There’s posts and then there is re-posts.

    This one is worth the double exposure though.

  • Is for singular; are for plural.

  • How does this affect his position in the race?

  • > There are saves and then there are saves

  • No saving his pants though.

  • That’s how you drag a knee!

  • Seen this a million times and still brings me joy

  • MUST get over the finish line, no matter what!!!

  • Moto3? Can’t tell who that is

  • > In an homage to the bump start days, rider finishes race off bike

  • Balls of steel right there.

  • This is not the greatest save in the world. No.

    This is just a tribute.

  • Igotit^Igotit^Igotit

  • I’m no Jeremy Burgess, but I’m pretty sure that’s not how you use knee sliders…

  • I’ve seen this three times in the last week. Geez people.

  • Jezza:

    “Aaaand a*cross* the line!”

  • It would be a really uncomfortable race after that…what with all the shit in the seat of my pants and all, lol.

  • Looks like a Jimmy Johns delivery guy. Fast too.

  • Love how appeared to crank the throttle at the end there.

  • Looks like somebody is getting a new set of leathers!

    and not because of the knees got worn down.

  • “Looks like I’m still in control…..*onward*. “

  • And then there’s he rapes and he saves

  • That was epic!

  • I don’t see anything wrong here except use of a sidecar. 😀

  • Imagine the road rash without that padding :X

  • And that’s how the sidecar was invented.

  • That can’t be good for his knees

  • That was truly beautiful to watch.

  • That was the most amazing race ending ever!!

  • This rider lost his ride with the team within 3 races after this. Lack of results.

  • Was this a case of not turning out of his lean properly? Or did he just straight up lose it?

  • So does he get a huge-ass belt buckle for staying on for eight seconds?

  • His back leg is really close to getting run over by his own bike

  • On both knees, in the grass, on racing slicks…just how is this physically possible?

  • Looks like Yosemite Sam getting his horse to stop. “When I say whoa, I mean whoa!”. *pow*

  • I kept waiting for him to vault back into the saddle.

  • First I couldn’t figure out how I missed this (main grandstand seat)

    Wasn’t this year.

    Now I do remember.

  • This guy has balls made out of meteorite metals.

  • Look at me, I’m the motorcycle now.

  • Palms are sweaty, knees heavy

  • I half expected him to slide over on one knee to a girl and present a ring as if from nowhere. That is one smooth cat. Incredibly cool under pressure.

  • Is there a subreddit dedicated to this kind of content? Its fascinating seeing these professional racers make full/partial recovery of their motorcycles.

  • There is grammar, and then there’s grammar. There’re mistakes and then there are mistakes…

  • Random question : anybody know what gear/suit he’s wearing?

  • Never skip leg day pays off!

  • > there is saves


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