• I’m really confused on what’s happening?

    I understand that there was people trying to get on but like, why? And who?

  • why is france allowing this type of thing to happen so blatently?

  • But don’t the truck drivers just stop at customs and demand that their trucks are searched thoroughly?

  • This makes me want to design a zombie game with exactly this feel.

  • This is fucking surreal that this is actually happening in Europe.

  • This is straight outta Children of Men (1:20) https://youtu.be/QfBSncUspBk

  • Does anyone have that gif of the dash cam footage where that guy is driving down a country road and there’s a guy with a briefcase and a cane and he runs across the road and then there’s more dressed just like him?

  • From my, admittedly limited, understanding of the geopolitical troubles pre WWI and the socioeconomic situation pre WWII, this will end in a lot of blood. Let’s hope it’s only blood and not just ash.

  • Under those circumstances, if I were driving, they’d be scraping those people off the road with a spatula.

    The fact he’s got a dash cam would (hopefully) clear him of any wrong doing should someone get hurt/die doing that stunt.

  • Dafuck did I just see?

  • The French government is a fucking joke. All roads near the border should have cameras, flood lights and patrols until this kind of shit is stopped, it’s not acceptable.

    And no it’s not the UKs fault. Unlike Germany we didn’t send an invite. France should take some fucking responsibility for basic policing and for fucks sake give these people somewhere to live – even a fucking warehouse. How does France have shanty towns full of people they’re just ignoring until they sneak into the UK?

  • I never mentioned bombs or how safe any place was. But the fact that you see hordes of people in modern day cities such as the ones named above, shits gone backwards. Hard.

  • Context:

    Many Migrants (Note these are **NOT** refugees) do this to hijack trucks and force the driver to take them to their desired location (usually UK, FR, DE).

  • Fuck them. I would keep going. Fuck outta my way.

  • Run those fuckers over

  • >there’s no escape

    >vehicle escapes


  • This whole thing is messed up.

  • I thought this was Somali or somewhere similar

  • Francistan delivers once again.

  • That’s why I always travel with a gun

  • Person totally escaped.

  • I’d have just kept driving. A big truck could probably clear those trees.Don’t care what nationality those people are, they’re cockroaches.

  • Catch-a-riiiide!

  • Are they all black?

  • Thanks Merkel!

  • Run. Those. Assholes. Over

  • The Most Dangerous Human is the Human that has Nothing to Lose! When you have Nothing to lose You will do Anything!. Good luck to U Humans.

  • Hammer down

  • If there were zombies in real life, I bet they’d be supported by various political parties and the people that afraid of them would be called zombophobics 🙂

  • Yea, no. I am flooring it, forward or backwards, doesn’t matter. If you get hit, fuck you.

  • Should have fucking ran them over, if you’re stupid enough to put yourself in front of a moving truck you kinda deserve to be hit.

  • Europe has been ruined, I’m so sad I did not get to visit before this happened.

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