There’s a new hashtag campaign to get HBO to scrap “Confederate”

There’s a new hashtag campaign to get HBO to scrap “Confederate”

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  • Also, I don’t get it. I don’t think anyone should be offended by this show at all but it is a similar concept to Man in the High Castle which is an alternative universe where Hitler won and no one seemed to be offended or outraged by that? If you are offended by the concept of this show, you should have also been offended by that show. You can’t pick and choose your morals based on race.

  • I would watch anything these two put out after the GoT success. How can people be so offended by something that doesn’t exist yet?

  • I don’t care about idiots on twitter

  • “hashtag” “campaign” “”

    Yea, you lost me.

  • Oooooo. Hashtag. I’m sure they’re terrified.

  • I don’t really understand why people are complaining about this? It’s a TV show. It’s fiction. Did people complain about The Man in the High Tower?

  • Unless the runners are saying that this show’s intention is to portray slavery as a good thing this April girl needs to mellow out. I think people comparing it to high tower makes a lot of sense. I would image one of the main plot lines following people fleeing the south in a modern under ground railroad.

  • Made by retards

  • Might not even need the hashtag; I’d kinda be surprised if this thing makes it to production at this point. It may have crossed a threshold where it’ll be more trouble than it’s worth, as the head of *The Hollywood Reporter* Matt Belloni — who didn’t seem to buy the criticisms personally — posited this week, saying he [doesn’t think it’ll get made]( edit: clarity

  • Yeah whatever. It’s just a show anyway.
    Funny thing though is, if it turns out deep and acclaimed, people will actually want to watch it.

    I suppose no-one really can get the idea of no more game of thrones, thus all the “haters” 😛

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