There is a point at which it will make economic sense to defect from the electrical grid – “partial defection,...

There is a point at which it will make economic sense to defect from the electrical grid – “partial defection, where some homeowners generate and store 80% to 90% of their electricity on site and use the grid only as a backup, makes economic sense as early as 2020.”

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  • In South Australia it already makes sense if you have the capital.
    I also would like to get “off the grid” internet.

  • It’s just common sense that if all of us can build our own solar grid on our own homes that we would do that to lessen our dependence on central authority. Same goes for growing food on our roof.

  • Locally, my electric bill is broken down between distribution and consumption with the former making up ~75% of my total bill. Some of the distribution charge is based on usage, but most of it is a fixed daily amount. So the real savings will come when I can completely disconnect from the grid; it would be a rather expensive backup to only use occasionally.

  • Too bad some governments have already started taxing it and making it harder/impossible to go off the grid.

  • I wish I could agree, but the cost of power is mostly in transmission and distribution, atleast in the US. So 100% works but anything less either passes the cost to your neighbors, or as ive seen lately, power companys have changed how they charge customers. Some have started to charge T&D seperate from power useage so you would pay a monthly T&D charge. (rural areas $70+/mo, city $50+/mo)

  • Electric companies in Canada are adjusting their pricing policies to stop ‘part-time’ users. They are jacking up the monthly service fees and keeping the rates lower. So to have that backup you now need to pay about $25/month. Realistically you mind as well go out and get a generator backup.

  • No, there is not a point. There are certain places where it makes sense, but there is not a point. Economic of scale dictates grid electricity will always be cheaper. You can’t beat economic of scale, ever.

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