“Then the controller broke”

“Then the controller broke”

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  • Then the tv

  • Oh…nearly scored with his taint. Don’t see that everyday

  • *”Hey, how did your new 70″ 4K Ultra-HDTV get busted like that? Didn’t you just barely get it?”*

  • QWOP soccer

  • “And that is the reason why Jake barfs everytime someone says the word soccer around him..”

  • “Against the wall.”

  • I realize the video game may not have the rules coded right, but in soccer doesn’t the ball just need to break the front plane of the line?

  • why the gif shortened?
    the original shows it til the ball all the way out the goal

  • *(skin hangs from knuckles)*

  • Fucking hell!

    It must be at least two weeks since this was last posted!

    Fuck EA.

  • B- camera work there.

  • The ball physics seem a bit borked… Side spin like that makes no sense.

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