The Xbox One X Paradox | Great System but a shift in gamings Future?

The Xbox One X Paradox | Great System but a shift in gamings Future?

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  • I went ahead and watched this for y’all… here’s the summary:

    1. Xbox One X might be the end of console generations.
    2. MS is selling the X at a loss (duh)
    3. People are already bored with this console generation (not a surprise)
    4. Darkest outcome for console gaming: modular and upgradeable consoles
    5. More of that “glad that MS has the most powerful console but where are the exclusives?”

    Just more drivel by another gaming pseudo-expert on youtube, most of which you already know, SHOULD already know, or have heard before. You’re welcome.

  • The data that console.gaming is “dying” is just not there. Mobile and PC gaming growing does not mean console gaming is dying. Ps4 could be best selling console since ps2. Nintendo switch could be the next Wii for Nintendo. Although the Xbox one was an initial miss for Microsoft not everyone knocks it out of the park each generation.

    Oh if you go by 2017 alone Sony Nintendo and Microsoft are doing their best since 2013.

  • Man I am interested in knowing what this is about, but I don’t want to sit through a 15 min “essay”. Thing about something written is you can skim, jump around; etc you aren’t a slave of time. I’m sad this isn’t written down.

  • Eh, I don’t think it matters as much to casual gamers. XB1X is a light future proofing console and someone like me who’s missed out entirely on the successor to the 360, I’m excited to play the games I missed out on these past 4-5 years.

  • I’d be okay with new hardware coming out every 5 years but keeping a platform that allows us to play older titles like what the PC has.

  • I wonder how rampant piracy is on PC like torrents or whatever they use to steal games. Glad we have physical media and mid gen upgrades may work for the betterment of the platform and not doom n gloom like the video mentions

  • All I know is when I get my X on the 7th, I”m going to enjoy the piss outta it. I don’t need no tit mouse on the internet’s you toobs telling me I bought the harbinger of death into my home.

  • Industry is headed for another crash in the next ~10 years. Won’t be as bad as the early 80’s crash since phones and PCs aren’t going anywhere and indie developers making games is a lot more feasible now as compared to back then.

    But the companies like Activision/EA/Ubi will get too bloated and only focus on one type of game (multiplayer littered with microtransactions), leading to the “fad” of gaming hitting an extreme low for a few years when people get sick of that bullshit.

    Just my opinion, but it sure seems to be headed in that direction.

  • How is this being upvoted? Rule 8-9 is/should be applicable here.

  • It’s like a hardware expansion pack.

  • A pc is just for porn watchin’…

  • Wasnt Sony the ones who started the end of generations first tho???? I mean they released the Pro last year…

  • So many haters… I’m glad that I have the ability to appreciate things in my life. I feel sorry for all you miserable f##k$.

  • Of course the comments in that video are cancer

  • [deleted]

  • I would love it when my console is upgradable !

  • I just finished watching this video right before I got a notification about this trending haha

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