The whole Droid family

The whole Droid family

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  • Shouldn’t the notdroid have only one leg?

  • Where’s XNORdroid?

  • Shouldn’t it be Roid family?

  • From Android to KKK. Nice

  • Clever

  • Best thing I’ve seen in ages, thank you

  • Had to look up for reference, and I actually like the American symbols better than the IEC ones.

    You guys switch to metric and we’ll take up your electronics symbols. 🙂

  • Seems logical

  • Holy shit, is the Android’s head looking like an AND gate intentional?!

  • I wish we had that much freedom of choice in distributions.

  • Droid.. droid.. droid.. droid..
    droid daikazoku..

  • I remember we had to do hand sketches of logic circuits for homework in college. Drawing an OR gate freehand is kinda hard. I fuck it up almost every time

  • Don’t give Hollywood any ideas

  • XORDROID seems kinda sad.

  • Where are your bordroids, bandroids, bnordroids, and bnandroids? They should be like the alter egos of the androids.

  • I wish I could get an XORDROID, but it’s too exclusive for me 🙁

  • Confused me there for a second then I remembered the sheer horror of drawing a large logic gate for one of my exams and I had Vietnam flashbacks.

  • It irks me that the names aren’t ANDROID, NANDROID, NOTROID, ORROID, NORROID and XORROID

  • Okay. Now I need an explanation for this one.

    edit: I’m dumb.

  • Get out of here with your logic

  • They’re all just notdroids. Some versions just come with more than one notdroids wired in different ways.

  • Finally a post in this sub i actually get 🙂

  • But if it’s ANDroid and NANDroid, the others should be -roid, not -droid. 😛

  • the first joke on this sub that I actually understand, but still didn’t laugh

  • electrician humor

  • xordroid is like the fucking megazord

  • The three input ANDroid would be NSFW.

  • Now to make some latches and flip flops

  • I love you for this…

  • Ok Ike! Kick the baby!

  • Logic droids yay!

  • The ones on the right look like Klandroid

  • Before you know it they’ll be garden gnomes.

  • Nope! there’s not the whole

  • The NOTdroid looks more like a RATdroid.
    A stubborn rat who does the opposite of everything you tell him to do.


  • Too bad Microsoft ain’t working on their own version, we could’ve seen a genius *Xordroid X*

  • Cone heads and dome heads. It’ll be a great movie.

  • Is that a turing complete icon set?

  • I’d like to make a poster out of this. /u/mutanoir1 do you have a bigger, non-JPEG version of this?

  • It would be funny if the designer of the logo is somewhere like “You’re only getting this now”

  • I get that one! Logic gates.

  • Did you ever bring an Xbox 360 home for the holidays to show your family Kinect? Remember how much fun it was when they tried Dance Central? Now that same contorted experience can be brought to the living room in just a smartphone. Developed in collaboration with the Dutch National Ballet, Bounden will make you and a partner, each holding one end of the phone, twist and tilt and do something that vaguely resemble dancing. Trust us, it’s fun!

  • I have to logic gatecrash this thread

  • I want a NANDroid T-shirt.

  • What about the XNOR droid?

  • nandroid is a form of partition dump backup on android devices.

  • This is a nice post, made for programmers and funny

  • They’re all Canadian…

  • Yay I get one of these finally!

  • This is a quality shitpost.

  • this is actually great

  • Lol

  • This should be the subreddit’s banner!

  • This joke was logical. Heh.

  • Kkkdroid

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