The Werewolf of Wysteria – Albert Fish – convicted child rapist and cannibal, boasted he “had children in every state.”

The Werewolf of Wysteria – Albert Fish – convicted child rapist and cannibal, boasted he “had children in every state.”

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  • This dude is one of the most mental human beings I’ve ever read about. In addition to being a serial killer and child molester, he also engaged in cannibalism and torture of his victims. And self harm as well. His Xrays showed over two dozen self embedded needles in his groin.

  • It’s sad that real life is so fucked up that it can produce people so evil they would not be believable as a fictional villain.

  • I mean, this guy was a real jerk

  • He’s also known as the real boogeyman. He broke into homes and hid in children’s bedrooms until they fell asleep then kidnapped them in the night. Whole story behind this guy is pretty fucked.

  • “She died a virgin, I didnt fuck her, but I could have”

    A real good egg for not doin that

  • Last Podcast On The Left has a great episode or two on this guy.

  • So they executed him twice?

  • How come I’ve read endless spins and yarns about Ted Bundy and Jack the Ripper and Charles Manson and not one about this guy? He makes them all look like amateurs.

  • I wish I could read about the psychology behind this man without reading what he did

  • *”At a meeting with reporters after the execution, Fish’s lawyer James Dempsey revealed that he was in possession of his client’s “final statement”. This amounted to several pages of hand-written notes that Fish apparently penned in the hours just prior to his death. When pressed by the assembled journalists to reveal the document’s contents, Dempsey refused, stating, “I will never show it to anyone. It was the most filthy string of obscenities that I have ever read.”*

    I wonder how many defense lawyers said fuck that shit before they found one (i’m ignorant to if they had a choice in the matter or not so forgive me). Even this guy was happy to be done with this sick fuck.

  • First came across this guy when doing my genealogy. Was very relieved to verify that this Albert Fish is not my great-great-great-great-grandfather. O.o

  • This is the guy who would get a boner after nuns beat him in school. He was truly wired different than most people.


    He took a mentally handicapped teen boy to a cottage where they would have sex. One day he got tired of the kid and started to cut his penis long-ways, but stopped halfway and felt sorry for the kid. He lathered a handkerchief in vaseline, wrapped it around what was left and gave him 10 bucks and a kiss goodbye, leaving him stranded in a remote barn.

    >”I shall never forget his scream, or the look he gave me”

    Under the tab Early Adulthood and Criminal History

  • Norm McDonald had a great bit about Albert Fish

  • Is this not the… thing… That would write detailed letters to the victim’s parents explaining which parts of that person were the best?

  • Mistakenly thought for a second that this was from /r/OldSchoolCool

  • This guy sounds like the worst

  • Is it just me or is anyone else legitimately wondering what exactly he’s referring to in his statement because I see three ways it can make sense:
    1) he had children as in sexually had them
    2) he now literally has kids due to the rape
    3) he’s eaten a kid in every state

  • Something actually creepy on r/creepy what

  • My old roomie was related to Albert Fish. I think he was a great uncle. Her parents warned me to never bring it up around her grandparents. They were utterly ashamed and horrified that someone this disgusting could be in their family. I think that’s fair considering the horrific things he did.

  • This is when execution is justified I think. It’s too dangerous for society to not just… end a guy like this.

  • I hate to be “that guy”, but those pictures aren’t really Fish in the electric chair. The one on the right is in the old Sing Sing death chamber that wasn’t used by Fish’s time, in the 1920s they built a separate death row and execution chamber; the new one had plaster walls instead of paneling. Someone photoshopped Fishe’s head onto an c1900 staged photo.

    The one on the left I’ve seen floating around, it appears he has a black mustache and a very different looking nose.

    New York State would never allow a photo of an actual electrocution, the known real photos of non-public executions in the United States are the one that a reporter took of the Ruth Snyder electrocution with a hidden camera in his shoe, and Jack Sullivan strapped in to Arizona’s gas chamber.

  • I’m related to this guy.

  • With all the unsolved cases of missing folk in the U.S., for all we know there’s someone so intricate with his deeds that he’s never gotten caught doing stuff that could make this Mr.Fish fellows work seem like it was child’s play.

  • I had an ex from years ago who said that this guy was her role model. Used “role model” jokingly, but still clearly had what some would consider an unhealthy respect for the guy, saying she was impressed at how much he got away with including taunting the parents and police. She even named one of her ferrets Albert based on the guy. In hindsight, I should’ve seen all that as a big red flag lol.

  • Because of this, i read the article on [wiki]( about him. This is definitely in the right place @ r/creepy.

  • I named my fish Albert. Put a porcelain old man figurine in his bowl. Roommate was mortified

  • I’m usually fascinated by serial killers etc.. but I don’t think I can stomach this one.

  • the picture on the far right is photoshopped. why?

  • I’m not very religious, but it’s times like this I hope there is some sort of ultimate justice

  • finally. getting back to the subs roots…

  • I mean this guy was a real jerk!

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