• I would really like to read the rest of this. Who was the check cashed for!?!?

  • In 2015 it was the 20 year anniversary and the police had gotten some new leads. But I’m assuming nothing ever came from them since they were never any updates on it. May their souls Rest In Peace even if their bodies didn’t.

  • they were probably murdered by someone who knew them; there’s loads of good places to hide a body all the good shit was likely fenced

  • /r/unsolvedmysteries probably has more or can provide more on this.

  • Pretty sure he turned into jack black

  • Based on little information given what I think happened is:

    One of John Markley’s trucker acquaintances robbed him with help.

    Acquaintance possibly asked by a friend/family member who does break and enters if they know any good targets.

    Markley is seen as well off with a Corvette and possibly bragged about his gun collection and valuables he had in his safes.

    I think there were two suspects because how would one suspect arrive at Markley’s house early but then leave their truck 15 minutes away? Clearly the suspect was not within walking distance. If one suspect had driven themselves to the Markley’s home he would have left his own vehicle nearby probably with a five to ten minute walk for pickup later.

    The tarps make me think there were two people as well. It makes sense to wrap the stolen guns in a tarp and throw them in the back of Markley’s truck. The suspects own vehicle was probably parked close by without being obviously parked in the Markley’s drive way. After the trip to the bank and upon arriving to a secluded location the guns were placed in the other vehicle either in a backseat or trunk concealed from sight.

    The Markleys were killed and their bodies disposed of. Their vehicle was also dumped as the two suspects finally drive off in their own vehicle.

    It’s possible the two suspects initially were wearing masks for a simple robbery but John recognized the one he knew = incentive to kill.

    Or there wasn’t enough in the safe so the decision was made to rob their bank account revealing identity = incentive to kill.

    If you rob someone like that by sitting in the front seat with them you’re probably going to jail.

  • This happened like 15 minutes from me. It’s really strange reading about this kind of thing when it’s so close

  • I’ve been on an Unsolved Mysteries binge and read this in Robert Stack’s voice with the theme song playing in the background.

    Eerie stuff!

  • Anyone can see the road that they walked on was paved in gold…

  • Judging by the pictures, the height/weight combo seems *waaaaay* off.

  • If you read the whole article it says the Bank teller saw the couple in there truck with another man she couldn’t identify.

  • Sorry for the kids, but I can’t wait to see the jack black movie…

  • Russian sleeper agents

  • The children woke up, and they couldn’t find ’em,
    They left before the sun came up that day.
    They just drove off and left it all behind them.
    But where were they going without ever knowing the way?

  • I think we found the original Mr. And Mrs Smith /s

  • So killed them and put them in tarp in back of truck….threw big ass tire on top to transport bodies to dump site to obscure bodies and maybe make sure they could not get up if they woke up? So maybe was scared they might not be all the way dead yet

  • Why do they know the items he was carrying

  • Unfortunately, it appears to be the perfect crime. Hopefully, whoever is responsible for this got busted in the future for some other crime.

  • Don’t know about wife and kids but that dude is clearly jack black

  • A couple with less than 1900 dollars in the bank have a cell phone in 1995? The Motorola StarTAC cost $1000 in 1996. That seems fishy to me.

  • I agree with heres94.


  • I think they made a break for it and moved away. Like won the lotto & bolted. Probably living in the Philippines or key west

  • jack black is missing?

  • Where is the corvette? They found the pickup truck and the tarps used to cover it but it doesn’t say anything about finding the vette. I’m thinking they switched from the pickup to the corvette and used that to drive out of state. They didn’t have any luggage, just the gun(s) from the gunsafe, so they could have just piled in and drove away.

  • The person who published this report should be charged with crimes against typography.

  • Did they found blood on the tarps?

  • Took a loan to start his independent trucking business(from a shady group due to poor credit or poor business model), and he couldn’t pay it back.
    Whoever owned the loan(s) got their money back in the Corvette and check.
    Thats my guess.

  • Here’s my take on this:

    Ohio has a pretty bad heroin problem
    – A scar on an forearm is somewhat suspicious

    A man’s sister dies and leaves him traumatized

    Heroin has a withdrawal effect that hits its peak in 1-3 days
    – The man goes missing with his wife in approximately 2

    He takes a majority of his valuable objects: Birth Certificates, a gun, and a large sum of money (but oddly not ALL of it)

    The corvette is uncovered and not recovered
    – Perhaps used at a point in preparation to leave less of an obvious footprint

    A man is seen with the couple in their truck during the withdrawal of $1000 or so

    Ultimately the truck is left in an abandoned parking lot and they are never seen again

    Putting this all together it seems likely the man distraught with his sister’s death was relieving himself with drugs (likely not the first time due to the scar on his arm being reported)

    Either something went wrong with the drug deal or the paranoia from the withdrawal caused the two of them to flee their home and never return – likely forming new identities based on the documents scattered around their home.

  • Then he became Jack Black.

  • How is this creepy? They just ditched their kids, obviously

  • ~~Wife was probably going to leave him, he accidentally (or maybe he meant to) killed her, wrapped her body in the tarps from the corvette and put her in the back of the truck. Took her body out somewhere and disposed of it (lake, buried it, whatever). Folded the tarps up and put them back in the truck, became despondent because he realized he killed his childrens’ mother went back the where he disposed of the body and committed suicide. Nothing suspicious happening here.~~
    Obviously there is more to the story that I can see beyond the first paragraph.

  • Maybe like in other cases a lake or a pond will dry up and expose their car about 15 miles away from their home.

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