The U-turn That Never Was.

The U-turn That Never Was.

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  • Can you imagine Jonathan Pie doing this same old shtick in 10 years? Neither can I.

  • In future can you please put Jonathon Pie in the title because it’s really annoying to accidentally click this.

    Same goes for videos of the guy who screams in a taxi/car.

  • Johnny Pie does my head in. What a cunt.

  • Nobody ever claimed it was in their manifesto, in fact I told you from the beginning it was an attempt to deliberately mislead people for the very reason that it wasn’t in the manifesto. See examples from before the u-turn [here](, [here]( and [here](

    On a side note 2 of those posts were 80-90% upvoted (the other was a repost) by this subreddit of politics enthusiasts, so don’t try and tell me only a small fraction of the electorate believed Corbyn would write-off student debts.

  • Has anyone ever claimed it was in the manifesto?
    I thought it’s always been the fact he was heavily alluding to doing something, letting people get excited about the possibility, then after the election saying, no actually it was more money than I realised. But it’s OK, look, technically I never said I would. See?
    It just comes across as sneaky and disingenuous

  • ITT: literally no one engaging with the actual point he’s making. Good to see /r/ukpolitics setting such a high standard. If you actually disagree with him then say so and explain why. If you don’t like the guy then just shut the fuck up because ad hom has no place in reasonable discussion.

  • Yawn… another leftwingscot post trying to defend Corbyn..

  • Enough of this, seriously. The first couple of these started with a bit of a wink and a nod ‘oh my goodness a reporter being honest!’. Now it’s

    * Wear a suit

    * Establish trivially I was meant to be a reporter

    * Make a shitty political argument.

    It’s a hell of a way to dress up absolute dross – but that’s why he has to dress it up in the first place.

    If you want to have a say, have your say,but don’t try and play a ‘character’.

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