The headrest didn’t come with instructions

The headrest didn’t come with instructions

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  • Actually, upon looking closer, that is one comfortable floofers! Looks like he‘s doing it just right!!

  • Yes that is one happy Shepherd. They absolutely love to do stuff like that. Parents always had Shepherds and no air register, couch cushion, or mattress was safe from them and they absolutely loved to walk between your legs rather than around you.

    Some of the best dogs in the world.

  • Instructions unclear. Snoot stuck in seat.

  • Threading The Needle is a classic German Shepherd trick

  • Dog: “I’m in the massage chair, but as of yet have had no pets. Odd. Will continue to wait for pets.”

  • Looks like doggie is, in fact, resting its head

  • Are you parked?

  • This way he can breathe nicely.

  • Maybe that’s what the hole is actually for

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