The Good Place Season 1 Gag Reel

The Good Place Season 1 Gag Reel

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  • Those improvs with Jason and Janet were awesome.

    “Look Michael, one big tooth.”

  • I love Adam Scott.

  • I’m so happy about this show. I’m terrified it’s going to get cancelled and I really hope it continues long enough so that the writers can finish it out and end it on their own terms.

  • I just love this show so much it hits just the right balance between lighthearted and serious that haven’t quit seen since pushing daisies wet of the air.

  • absolutely love this show I’m so glad season one was on netflix so I could binge season on and be ready for season 2

  • Favorite show!!!!

  • Dax Shepard’s lack of a sense of smell seems like much more of a blessing than a curse after seeing this video.

  • I like the way that this was clearly shown at a private function to celebrate season one

  • “Look Michael, a Witch!”

    “Burn her.”

  • I’m glad this show seems to be well received. I get nervous when shows I like that aren’t typical sitcoms. But I guess this one isn’t too weird or different.

  • Looks like there’s great chemistry on set, which goes a long way towards making this show fantastic.

  • I just really want to hang out with all of these people.

  • Love this show!

  • Why wasn’t Adam looking directly into the camera?

    I think that the show is awesome but those bloopers weren’t funny at all

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