The corner-matched tiles in this herringbone bathroom wall.

The corner-matched tiles in this herringbone bathroom wall.

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  • I want the name of this contractor

  • This is pretty easy to do when it’s the corner you start with. Just cut from alternating corners at 45°. What I want to see is the corner *behind* you.

  • Someone really loves their profession.

  • I like it. Tile installer clearly gave a fuck.
    I’d probably replace the warm light with something cooler to fully enjoy the effect of white subway tiles with black grout.
    Edit: this is kinda what it’d look like with a daylight bulb

  • Minimal tile waste. You make one cut, and get to use both parts of the tile. It takes more effort to do it any other way.

  • Actually at the top and near the bottom there, you’re pretty much in /r/mildlyinfuriating territory.

  • Yeah but they don’t line up…?

  • It feels slightly off for some reason… It feels wrong

  • If people think this looks good you need to stay away from any construction or diy

  • Love seeing this level of care. I’ve done brick herringbone in fireplaces. It’s a bitch and a half, and matching up the corners takes a lot of forethought and patience.

  • No oddity to be seen here. This is satisfying AF. Makes me wanna redo my bathroom. Bravo

  • Anyone attempting diy. Tbh this is a good trick for starting you off right on the next wall. And it looks great aswell.

  • This was so close to being mildly infuriating. Good on ya tile-layer dude

  • I did this with small marble herringbone as my first shower project. It took a long amount of time but turned out alright ☺️

  • This was not the tile guy who my contractor used.

  • This is an artist.

  • Is the corner obtuse or is it acute? Or is it both?

  • Joanna and Chip could never.

  • Tiling like this takes lots of experience. It’s so nice to see this

  • Ok Dr.Strange, I’m already tripping super hard without your geometry

  • oddly satisfied, oddly aroused and slightly mesmerized.

  • Corners had better always match. That’s the difference between a pro and a fireman with a side gig hacking up everything and taking away business from real contractors

  • What does the other side look like?

  • It’s well done, but it is really the only way to do it.

  • Where was this pic taken?

  • I’m sure the geometry of this matches up easily if you’re smart enough to plan ahead, but this is still damn impressive. I like it!

  • Love this so much

  • What corner?

  • I feel like this is easy to do and cuts down on waste

  • Prefab tiles on a mesh background that were cut so as to fold in a corner?

  • This is the type of thing my OCD appreciates.

  • My OCD is happy

  • Soldier*

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