The adhesive side of this wrist band tapers in so it doesn’t accidentally stick to your skin

The adhesive side of this wrist band tapers in so it doesn’t accidentally stick to your skin

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  • I can’t believe no one thought of this 20 years ago. Think of all the arm hair we’ve lost.

  • Doesn’t matter, door guy will still get my skin. Every. Time.

  • It’s so beautiful…

  • Is there a sub for stuff like this? Simple design tweaks that should have been blatantly obvious for decades? Man this is brilliant.

  • Why was this not done years ago

  • LPT: When they are putting the wristband on you, turn your wrist so your palm is facing up, that way they only stick skin and not all your hair. Much less painful.

  • Wooly men around the world are crying tears of joy

  • I don’t get it. can anyone explain what I am supposed to see here?

  • Just had this on my hospital wrist band worked pretty well!

  • As well as insanely practical, that is such an aesthetically pleasing wristband

  • Are you in the hospital?

  • Sticking to the skin is never the problem. Sticking to arm hair is another matter.

  • I have to put wristbands on people at my work and I try every time to place it so it doesn’t stick to the skin and make sure no hairs get caught either.

    I hate when people poorly place wrist bands on me.

  • Who cares if it sticks to your skin.

    Hair. Its hair you want to avoid.

  • LPT: Turn your wrist upside down to minimize hair contact.

  • Beautiful arm tho

  • Wow….you’re telling me I could have had 3.3K upvotes simply by taking a picture of literally ANY of my hospital wristbands? Hmm…TIL

    Edit: 51.2 k upvotes….

  • This could also be r/oddlysatisfying

  • My old job required me to put at least 40-50 of these on different sized wrists every day. All the locals requested me instead of my coworkers because I always put it on perfectly and took into account arm hair. One of my many useless talents

  • Not interesting enough.

  • That won’t fix it if people putting them on us continue to do a shitty job

  • More like stick to your hair. You have a hairy arm, OP.

  • Have these not always been on them?

  • it costs three tenths of a penny more to produce each unit, so get used to never seeing these at any events

  • *to your arm hair

  • When they say stick to your skin they really mean stick to your hair.

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