The Abandoned

The Abandoned

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  • This is from Matthew Barney’s *The Cremaster Cycle* part 3.**

  • Details please?

  • Damn ghouls, you think it’s dead then BAM, it’s chasing after you.

  • Whomst girl is this?

  • Calling /r/scp

  • Please tell me this is fake

  • This seems more sad than creepy.

  • This should satisfy all the people who don’t think anything is sufficiently creepy

  • Fallout 5 looks incredible.

  • I believe this is from Matthew Barney’s Cremaster films. I couldn’t tell you which one, but it looks familiar.

  • It’s more like, this is why you don’t leave your kind in the car when its hot outside.

  • i’m sorry but wtf

  • When mom leaves you in the car for “just 5 minutes”.

  • This is freaking me out. Reminds of Cannibal Corpse’s “The Bleeding” album.

  • This reminds me of a girl who was found a couple of miles away from me. Apparently the people who kidnapped her couldn’t dispose of the DNA in the car and the girls body. So they buried the entire car

  • Makes me think of that first encounter between Vic and one of the killer’s victims in NOS4A2 by Joe Hill.

  • Is that Ted Kennedy’s girlfriend?

  • This is why you must always crack a window for your demonic child

  • Eh, if OP wants to watch the scene because he wants to watch the whole film finally, but I don’t look so good.

  • THAT’S where I left her…

  • Paint me like one of your girls, Jack the Ripper

  • This is the first thing I’ve seen on this sub that I find truly haunting and amazing. Nice.

  • Where are her clothes?

  • Anyone know the context?

  • ……that strap is what makes the whole picture fucking freaky as shit. Cause that’s clearly a kid not an adult. That’s fucked.

  • Now THIS is creepy

  • A description would be nice.. getting tired of these posts that ensue a wild goose chase as to what the origin/meaning is.

  • this is the first pic from this subreddit that actually made me a little unsettled…. the handcuffs are really chilling

  • I just found my new phone wallpaper :D! Thank you for sharing OP. Does someone have more of these images that are in the same style? I really like it, and maybe there is an even better one to use as a wallpaper for my phone, or desktop if they’re sideways.

    Thanks again for sharing OP!

  • This thread just took me down an avant garde rabbit hole and I am quite happy about it. Thanks peeps!

  • Don’t worry guys this isn’t real. Trust me, I’ve seen a lot of dead bodies….

  • Can’t tell if creepy or if I’m just desensitized to this shit.

  • Is that an old style “oh shit” handle

  • This is fake right?

  • This totally looks like a Cannibal Corpse album cover.

  • Nerp

  • You know what’s messed up? I can actually see this happening with the opiate epidemic. Parents OD in car, little child is left inside and isn’t found for days… feelsbadman

  • When you drunk af and pass out on the taxi ride home

  • Now that will make you think.

  • Make her blink

  • I have no idea why but this reminds me of that one episode of Dexter’s Lab with guy stuck on the bus with chewing gum

  • Does anyone else think she could have slipped out of that huge strap?

  • Reminds me of American Gods

  • poor child 🙁

  • Brutal, definitely highlights how monstrous mankind can be.

  • grim

  • Fucked up shit from an amazing artist, Matthew Barney.

  • They forgot to paint the rest of her fingers.

  • where is this placed? inside a vehicle?

  • Basic “are we there yet?”

  • Makes me think of The Stand.

  • Serial killer victim

  • This shit is cool.💀☠️🗡

  • Should’ve cracked a window

  • ….Fake Taxi

  • The movie this picture is from is gnarly but I would recommend

  • More morbid fascination than creepiness.

  • It reminds me of a deathcore album cover.

  • Every now and again this subreddit shows me a picture that haunts my very soul. Like now

  • Looks like a corpse you would find in the movie “The Mist”, a very good sifi movie.

  • This is actually really neat. Creepy but cool though

  • If it were real the seat would be disgusting fro the decomposition of the body. So it’s obviously fake. Pretty creepy though.

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